A brief draft of Scholastic Aptitude Test

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A brief draft of Scholastic Aptitude Test

Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) can be described as a standardized test that aims to measure the fundamental critical reading, writing and math skills of the applicant. Many educational institutions including universities and colleges often ask SAT score results when students apply for different courses.

Who administers the SAT test?

This test is designed and administered by the College Entrance Examination Board and it is a US based non-profitable organization. This test is conducted seven times a year and the students, who want to improve their scores, can reappear for the test. The leading test centers in India are Pune, New Delhi, Mussoorie, Mumbai, Kodaikanal, Hyderabad, Chennai, Cochin, Calcutta and Bangalore.

How to register for SAT?

You can collect the SAT information bulletin free by mail from USEFI offices or it can be obtained from the Collegeboard website. You have to fill the form and a draft must be made (containing the stipulated fee) before mailing them to the Collegeboard. You can also pay the fee via credit card. Online registration is also available for the applicants and the application form can fill online with the credit card number.

SAT grading process

The SAT consists of three categories (writing, critical reading and math) and each category comes with its own subdivisions. The grading process for these three categories is done on a scale of 200 to 800 and the sum of all these categories decide the final score. In other words, the SAT score of a student will always be in the range between 600 and 2400.

Learn about math section

The duration of the math test is 70 minutes and this test comprises of multiple choice questions and grid-ins. Grid-ins refer to student-produced response questions and there are 10 grid-in questions available. Under the math category, the applicant has to answer questions related to data analysis, numbers and operations, algebra and geometry as well. Calculators are allowed while appearing for the math test but students are allowed to use only four-function, graphic and scientific calculators.

Overview of the critical reading test

The primary purpose of the critical reading test is to analyze the comprehension ability of the student. In other words, it assesses the ability to understand what the student has read quickly. The duration of this section is also 70 minutes and there are two different types of questions included in this category. The first section is known as sentence completion and the second one is called passage-based reading. When it comes to sentence completion, there is 19 questions and candidate has to select one or two words that complete sentence blanks in the best way possible. This section analyzes the vocabulary skills of the student and it also evaluates the ability of the student on the construction and formation of the sentence parts. As far as the passage-based section is concerned, there are 48 questions and it comprises of short passages followed by questions connected with them.

Brief introduction about the writing test

The duration of the writing test is 60 minutes and it contains essays as well as multiple choice questions. This section starts with the essay test and it is designed for 25 minutes. Candidates are supposed to express their views on a given passage and they have to substantiate their views with proper evidence. The assessment is done on a scale of 1 to 6. There are 49 questions for the multiple choice category and it checks how a candidate communicates ideas. It also evaluates whether the student is capable of identifying grammatical errors and improving sentences and paragraphs. The time frame allotted to the multiple choice section is 35 minutes.

Negatives marks for wrong answers

The SAT test has incorporated negative marks for the wrong answers. If the candidate leaves the answer column blank for a particular question, marks or points will not be deducted. It is always advisable to leave the answer blank if a candidate hasn’t got any clue about a given question. Most importantly, the amount deducted for wrong answers is lower compared to the marks allotted for correct answers.

Any student who is interested is eligible for taking the Scholastic Aptitude Test. Most of the leading universities accept the SAT and the test scores are valid for 5 years.


SAT is one of two standardized college admissions tests in the US. It's run by the College Board, a non-profit that also administers the PSAT and the AP (Advanced Placement) program.

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