Are Centipedes Dangerous?

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Are Centipedes Dangerous?

Centipedes are tiny venomous creatures, which move around with their venom glands attached to their bottoms. When they catch hold of their prey, the muscles surrounding the poison gland squishes it hard enough to let the toxins eject through needle-like ducts. 

It is said that despite the venom that centipedes contain, they are not life-threatening. Their bite causes excessive pain but not fatal health situations. But, this does not answer our question which says, Are centipedes dangerous? Let’s try finding it out.

Are Centipedes Dangerous To Humans?

The smaller species of centipedes are not capable enough to cause much harm. Their bite is just like a bee-sting or an ant bite. Whereas the larger ones can cause punishing pain due to the venom infusion. The pain can be hurting but not fatal. It can stick around for a few hours or maybe even a few days too. The victim might suffer swelling, sweating or nausea.

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Are Centipedes Dangerous To Dogs?

It is normal for your dogs to catch or pick up small things from the ground while strolling. There could be chances that he even ate some of them. But are they fatal? House centipedes are quite small in size and their fangs are almost incapable of penetrating through skins of large animals or humans. Your dog is completely safe if he feasted on a few home centipedes or the wild ones too. Without being bitten, the venom has no chances of flooding his blood vessels.

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Are Centipedes Dangerous To Cats?

The danger that a centipede can cause to your cat depends on the manner that she took it in. If she bit the portion where the centipedes have their poison glands, she is most likely to be in a little danger. You can make a call to your vet, but there is nothing much to worry. Vets have observed that cats are quite resistant to venom, and it needs loads of poison to affect their body. Some people use cats to keep poisonous snakes away from their farm, so if snakes couldn’t do any harm, what will these little centipedes do?

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Are Centipedes Dangerous To Plants?

Centipedes are the most common insects to be found roaming around your beautiful garden. Contrary to your expectations, their presence is good news for you. Centipedes usually feed on small insects and spiders which mean that they work as cleaning agents in your garden. But make sure if they start over populating, remove all the leaf litter and debris which function as their breeding ground.

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Have you ever been bitten by a centipede? Let us know in the comment section below.

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