What are the ways to improve fluency in English?

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What are the ways to improve fluency in English?

Learning and mastering the English language and being fluent in it may not be an easy job, yet there are a number of ways by which we can improve fluency in English. Though there are a number of English medium schools in India, most of the students reading in these schools do not speak English fluently.

This is because the medium of instruction in most of the schools is the local language spoken in that city or town. The students do answer their  examination papers in English but that's by memorizing the lessons. This proves that they do not think in English and so can't express themselves in English. It's therefore very essential first and foremost to use English as a means of communication. I as a toddler was taught by English nuns in school which perhaps taught me to speak English flawlessly

Once we adopt English as a means of communication, we start taking interest in the languages' vocabulary in order to communicate effectively without repetitions. Having done that no one would like to accept an English speaker committing  grammatical mistakes. Neither would it be called fluent English. Therefore we need be very careful with our use of tenses, verbs, pronouns and prepositions. This can be done only when we brush up our high school grammar. 

Last but not the least, proper accent has a very important role too. Let's learn to speak English as the Englishmen speak. Phonic drilling of the sounds of the alphabets and words can help a lot in accent perfection. A fluent and perfect English speaker is accepted and admired around the world. So we can try these ways to become fluent in English.

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