Winter vegetables to keep you fit and healthy

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Winter vegetables to keep you fit and healthy

The season of winter is knocking at the doors, and it marks the arrival of different nutritious vegetables and fruits. During the chilly season, the human body easily gets dehydrated and requires an excess amount of vitamins and minerals, to maintain the proper nutritional balance of the body. Fresh green vegetables contain a high percentage of Vitamins and other vital minerals that can eradicate infectious diseases and boosts the immunity system.

Here are some of the popular winter veggies that you should add in your daily diet to stay healthy:


•    Cabbage belongs to the calciferous class of vegetables and is also popularly known as Brassica Oleracea.
•    There are different varieties of cabbage available in the winter season. Some of the varieties include green cabbage, red cabbage, and cone cabbage.
•    Cabbage consists of a short stem and is also considered to be a flowering plant. The vegetable contains lots of essential Vitamins and minerals like Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc and Phosphorous

•    Cabbage possesses anti-inflammatory properties and protects the body from the problems of inflammation.
•    It also reduces ulcers, migraine pain, and severe fever. It can be used in both cooked as well as raw form. It can be used in green salads and also in soups or broths.


•    Carrot is a favorite winter vegetable and is grown in all parts of the world.
•    Carrots contain Vitamin A, Vitamin C, carotene and other essential minerals, which help to keep the body healthy and immune.
•    Carotenes are great to improve eye vision and also assist in cleansing the blood and removing all blood impurities.
•    It can be consumed in both raw as well cooked forms. In India, various sweet dishes and delicious deserts are made from carrots.

Winter Squash:

•    Winter squash contains high amount of carotenes and other vital vitamins, minerals and dietary fibers.
•    Due to the presence of dietary fibers, it helps in the process of digestion. Winter squash has a rich colored texture, due to the high concentration of nutrients.
•    This vegetable eradicates heart diseases and aids to cure cancer and diabetes.
•    Some of the other vegetables, which could be included in the winter squash group, are pumpkin, spaghetti, and butternut.
•    Like all other cruciferous vegetables, broccoli has high nutritional importance. It tastes a little bitter, but can greatly enhance your health conditions.


•    This vegetable is grown abundantly in the winter season. It contains a high percentage of Vitamin C and dietary fibers.
•    It helps in the process of bile juice secretion and eases the process of digestion.


•    Cauliflower is another cruciferous vegetable, popularly harvested during the winter season.
•    This vegetable comes in the form of a flower and has high nutritional importance. It can be consumed only in cooked form.


•    Though potato is found in all seasons, the one harvested during the winter season has high nutritional value.
•    These vegetables are starchy and are extremely high on the glycemic index. Consuming potato can help to increase your body weight, as you are eating a high percentage of carbohydrates.
•    Sweet potatoes, on the other hand are a healthier choice. Sweet potatoes contain a high percentage of carotene, vitamins A, Vitamin C, and fiber.

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For sure, from my diet coach app on apknite, there are like hundreds veggies that us can use to nutrious in the cold winter and of couse, help us to keep it fit tho.

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