What is the Best 30-Minute Cardio Workout ?

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What is the Best 30-Minute Cardio Workout ?

Hitting a cardio workout is as important as strength training or any other exercise. Every second of your workout can land you into a dreadful condition, but it's worth the pain. 

Therefore, here is how you can do a 30-minute cardio workout and burn somewhat 500+ calories. Hit your cardio workout with absolute ease and at your comfort.

#1. All Rounder Workout

This one's simple comprises of several best cardio workouts and is highly effective. All rounder would allow you to hit cardio workout at home.

5 minutes stretching

60 seconds jumping jacks

30 seconds rest

60 seconds side lunges

30 seconds rest

60 seconds dancing squats

30 seconds rest

90 seconds arm circles (small, medium and large circles 30 seconds each)

30 seconds rest

60 seconds line hops

30 seconds rest

60 seconds running fast in place

30 seconds rest

120 seconds rope jumping

30 seconds rest

60 seconds crunches

30 seconds rest

120 seconds jumping jacks

You are done!

All Rounder Workout at home

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#2. Cycle all the way

This is a perfect one for the adventure lover. Get your bike and fulfill all your regular exercising needs.

For the initial five minutes cycle at your own pace.

5 minutes - Cycle in a moderate speed at 30% incline

1 minute - Cycle fast getting the incline down by 10%

1 minute - 15% upward incline and a steady pace to recover

2 minutes - Cycle at a steady speed with 40% incline

1 minute - Cycle in the standing position with 50% incline at a steady pace

1 minute - Cycle speedily in a 25% downward incline

1 minute - Cycle steadily with a 30% upward incline

3 minutes - Steady cycling at 60% upward incline

1 minute - 70% upward incline and steady cycling

1 minute - Top cycling speed and 30% downward incline

1 minute - 35% upwards incline and cycle at a steady speed

2 minutes - 65% upwards incline and alternate 30-second seated and standing cycling

1 minute - Downward incline to 30% with high-speed cycling

Last 4 minutes - Low-intensity cycling to recover from the workout.


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#3. Stair Master

This cardio workout at home will mimic each and everything that you would do in your everyday routine (to also improve your heart health). But it would require a Stairmaster in your home gym. Work with it according to your fitness level.

5 minutes - Mild warm-up at the lowest intensity

2 minutes - 40% upward intensity gripping dumbbells

3 minutes - 45 or 50% upward intensity with dumbbells

2 minutes - 55% upward intensity with the dumbbells held at 90-degree angle

3 minutes - 60% upward intensity still holding on to the dumbbells

2 minutes - 70% upward intensity with dumbbells extended over your head

3 minutes - 75% upward intensity, not leaving dumbbells

2 minutes - Lower the intensity to 65% and perform bicep curls

3 minutes - Lower the intensity to 60% and hang the dumbells on your sides.

Last 5 minutes - Lower the intensity to around 15 to 35% intensity and finish!

Stair Master

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