Do you know the rocking and awesome benefits of dancing?

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Do you know the rocking and awesome benefits of dancing?

Dancing frees your spirit and uplifts your mood. It certainly is a great and an awesome remedy for any kind of problem. Just let loose your hair and whirl off all the anxieties and stresses of the day. Dancing is an awesome activity that will give your personality a very awesome charisma so as to remain happening in your friend circle!

Certainly, dancing is one of the best exercises and workouts, that will give your mind a more creative bent.

Awesome benefits of a dancing

1. Uplifts your mood

Dancing uplifts your mood to a great extent. As it is an activity which is filled with passion, so it requires you to pour all your heart and soul into the activity which will help you to feel better. Since any activity which requires passion fills you with much more enthusiasm and happiness.

2. Provides free work out along with the entertainment

Of course, many of you might detest spending long hours at the gym doing workouts . So here dancing might come to your rescue. Just dance along to your favourite dance track and rocking beats and get a perfectly shaped body along with an entertaining workout. According to a research, you can burn almost 200-400 calories only with a half an hour dancing regime. Moreover, if you are overweight you tend to lose even more calories than this. So get on the dance floor!

3. Improves cardiac health

It improves the cardiac health as it is a good cardio exercise as well. Researchers at Western Sydney University, say that dancing reduces the risk of dying from the cardiac diseases. When you are dancing you are in a form doing a physical exercise, during which a lot of calories get burned,plus it requires the heart to pump blood to the muscles and veins of your legs and hands, etc. which results in the proper functioning of the heart.

4. Increased lung performance

Dancing ranges from anywhere between a low intensity to a high-intensity exercise depending upon the dance form that you chose. As per the doctors, they say that dancing improves the capacity of lungs, making them fill in more air and makes them stronger. 

5. Renders your bones stronger

The dancing is an activity that helps you to improve your bone strength and improves the lubrication of joints. It also reduces the risk of osteoporosis in the old age. While dancing we tend to move our muscles and hands and shake the legs, which will result in improved flexibility of the joints.

6. Increases blood circulation

As we all know that dance is a great health and fitness regime, it is thereby obvious that it improves the blood circulation in our body to a large extent. And thereby it provides your brain with fresh oxygen through the blood which is important for your brain health too.

7. A great socialising activity

It is found that when we socialise in an activity such as group dancing we tend to become happier and which is very necessary for your mental and body healing. The socialising activity and the mingling of the individuals is byitself a great therapy for the human mind. We tend to forget our sorrows when in company of the good friends. Thus dance more and socialise more.

8. Improves mental health

It certainly renders the increased flow of serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine levels in your body which are great stress buster hormones. While dancing you dance your heart out and free your soul, and the increased content of oxygen inflow to the brain increases and improves the mental health to a large extent.

9. Improves and increases concentration and focusing ability of an individual

Dancing is certainly an art. An important skill that is required of an artist is to focus carefully on the subject matter at hand. Thus when you are dancing you are an artist that has to perform with great perfection level which gives you increased concentration skill.

10. A great aerobic exercise replacement

Obvious is that when you dance you automatically burn a huge amount of calories, without fixating yourself to an exact form of exercise. Therefore it is an awesome replacement of the boring gym exercises. Thus you can indulge in some dancing activity which will also fill your boring and lethargic day with an appropriate amount of fun and pleasure and enthusiasm.

11. Helps you to become more creative

It boosts creativity because it fills your brain with the fresh intakes of oxygen which let your brain thinking in a new and creative way. Also, it is a passion filled activity which will make you very much creative in several spheres of your life. And when you will be more creative in life you will be at a better position in your life.

12. Helps you to become a free spirit

Certainly when you dance you free your mind, body and soul. You are free to do any sort of activity when you are in such a state and therefore you can reach to higher levels in your life. And when you are in that position in life you are a free bird and a motivated spirit.

13. It is a great relaxing therapy

As we know that dancing as an exercise renders you a much reduced stress levels by releasing the stress busting hormones. It will help you to relieve you of the anxieties of the day into the thin air. When you dance it declutters your mind and helps you to become calm and more composed.

14. Helps you to learn new cultures

Dancing has been different in the different cultures and therefore has gained their important traditions into its dance forms. Learning different kinds of dance forms can help you learn the variety of diverse cultures.

15. Reduces stress

It reduces stress to a great extent as we have already discussed that dancing even for an hour will induce the happy hormones in our body and thus reducing the stress, and anxiety of the day.

16. Improves the body posture and flexibility

Dancing is said to be an activity following which you can improve your body posture and increases your body flexibility.

Thus go for a romantic Salsa date with your partner and enjoy the warmth, the creativity , the passion of this awesome activity. Just get to the dance floor and dance away all your worries.

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