What are the health risks associated with physical inactivity?

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What are the health risks associated with physical inactivity?

These days, most of the people are not giving much preference to exercise. People who develop this type of approach are leaving no room for adequate physical activity. Some professions require the persons to sit for longer hours. While some people prefer to spend time watching TV, playing a computer game, reading with less or no physical activity. People who belong to this category must know the importance of exercise.

For proper functioning of our body, energy is required. The food that we consume is transformed by our body into energy. Body consumes some energy for smooth-running of various processes like breathing, digestion and heart beating. What is left is to be expended on a daily basis through physical activities. Walking, climbing stairs, gardening, biking and performing household chores are few of the examples of physical activities.  

People who do not invest time in expending energy by performing adequate physical activities suffer from serious health issues. Regular exercise or physical activity is very helpful in keeping various kinds of health diseases at bay. It improves your overall health. It is very important for maintaining a healthy weight. As you practice regular exercise, calorie burning process takes place in a healthier way. Being physically inactive may lead to various medical conditions and diseases. If anyone belonging to any age lives a physically inactive life, their chances of experiencing serious health issues are very high.  

Here is the list of health risks that are associated with inadequate physical activity 

1. Arthritis 

Lack of physical activities may result in arthritis. Exercise helps in strengthening your muscles. Thus muscles around joints get enough strength and energy. Lack of exercise may worsen the health of your joint muscles which in turn results in arthritis.

2. Abnormal Weight Gain 

Regular exercise helps in managing a healthy weight. Lack of adequate physical activity plays a key role in leading towards abnormal weight gain. Dieting alone does not help to reduce additional weight. Dieting when combined with exercise works wonder in healthy weight control.

3. Cardiovascular Diseases 

Physical inactivity can lead to cardiovascular diseases. You can handle this problem with adequate physical activity. Heart muscle gets stronger with physical activity. Thus, it is capable of pumping blood to various parts of your body in a more effective way. Vigorous exercise helps in preventing various heart diseases. Regular exercise helps in keeping your arteries flexible. Fluctuations in blood pressure levels are more in the people with inadequate physical activity.

4. Diabetes 

Exercise helps in preventing various health risks. The risk of diabetes can be reduced with regular exercise. Otherwise, the risk of developing diabetes is high. Stress is also playing a major role in contributing the development of diabetes. Exercise has its role in controlling stress. As a result, you can prevent the risk of diabetes. Also, exercise helps in keeping your body physically and mentally fit.

5. Anxiety and Depression  

Lack of exercise worsens your mental health. Increased stress levels lead to various psychological problems. Exercise helps in boosting your mental health. Thus, you are relieved from depression and anxiety. Endorphin is a hormone that can be boosted through exercise and this hormone plays a major role in reducing the levels of anxiety and depression.

6. Constipation 

Lack of exercise is increasing various digestion problems. You may experience various difficulties in the functioning of your digestive tract. Constipation is one of such digestive disorder that occurs as a result of an inadequate physical activity. Constipation, when not handled on right time leads to serious health risks. Hence, prefer to include exercise in your routine in order to beat constipation.

7. Cancer 

Lack of physical activity may raise the risk of developing certain kinds of cancer. Adequate exercises play a major role in reducing the risk of cancers.

8. Memory Loss

If you do not venture your time in exercising, you are likely to be affected by memory loss problem. Exercise helps in keeping you fit and healthy. Cognitive functioning can be boosted by incorporating exercise into your daily routine. Exercise promotes good quality of sleep. Also, exercise helps in uplifting your mood. Doing so, exercise helps in promoting functionality of your brain.

Adequate physical activity helps in making you fit and healthy. Exercise acts as a preventive measure in reducing the risks of various health problems. You can reduce the trip to the doctor by incorporating the regular exercise routine into your lifestyle. 

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