How many symptoms of diabetes do I need to have to get checked with the doctor and is there a way to check at home

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I have developed numerous symptoms of diabetes, which have seemed to increase and worsen over the past year or two. I have to urinate 10-15 times a day, drink around 15 pints a day and feel thirsty with a sticky mouth despite drinking constantly. I have trouble sleeping at night and need to go to the bathroom before bed, just before I’m about to sleep, and get up at least once, sometimes twice a night for the bathroom. I feel tired throughout the day and am hungry. For my hunger I have taken tablets that help suppress hunger, but they have only worked a week before I have felt hunger constant throughout the day but am able to resist the urge to munch. I have been warned by my aunt that frequent bathroom breaks is a sign of diabetes but haven’t discussed the other symptoms I have been having. Is there a way to check ta home and how many symptoms do I need to have to get a check up with the doctor. I’m just worried if it’s just me and that by going to the doctors to find that it is nothing.


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