Sugar as health enemy

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Sugar as health enemy

Whether it is a small kid or 60 years old elderly person, sweets bring water in everyone's mouth.

But eating excess sweets is not good for health because the main ingredient which gives the sweet taste to a food does not contain any essential nutrient other than the calorie.

Yes, I am talking about sugar. Sugar, which is also known as empty calorie, has many harmful effects on health.

1. Sugar is bad for teeth

Sugar is very bad for teeth as it allows bacteria to grow easily in the mouth and decay the teeth.

2. Sugar is harmful to liver

Sugar is very harmful to our liver this is because, before digestion, it is divided into glucose and fructose.

The excess level of glucose and fructose create extra load on the metabolism rate of the liver. Our liver can metabolize only certain amount of fructose but excess fructose is turned into fat.

More the quantity of fructose in our body, more the fat deposition in the liver, leading to fatty liver and various liver ailments.

3. Sugar is one of the primary cause of diabetes

Excess glucose in the blood can be a primary cause of diabetes. Too much consumption of sugar can make our cells resistant to the insulin. The beta cells in our pancreas have a limitation of secreting insulin. When it cannot produce enough insulin the blood sugar level increases and take the form of type II diabetes.

4. Sugar can be a cause of cancer

Many researchers have found that people who consume too much sugar have more possibility of getting affected with cancer.

5. Sugar causes obesity, increases cholesterol level in the body

 Sugar is rich in carbohydrate that in due course turns into fat. Due to excess consumption of sugar, our body becomes resistant to insulin and the blood sugar level rises up in the body, ultimately increasing hunger and the tendency to eat sweet foods.

Too much fructose in our body can increase triglycerides, oxidized LDL, and small and dense LDL ultimately results in obesity.

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