9 Times When Our Best Friends Drive Us Crazy

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9 Times When Our Best Friends Drive Us Crazy

They are the Yin to your Yang, your partners in crime and your soul sibling; life would lose all its fun and chaos without them and by now you would know that we are talking about your best friend. That one special person in your life you can always open yourself to, who knows when to tease you and when to comfort you.

We have loved them, cherished them and came dangerously close to killing them as well. Yes, many times and you would agree.

"When it hurts to look back and you're scared to look ahead, you can look beside you and your best friend will be there."

(Author Unknown)

As we celebrate National Best Friend Day this June 8th, we take a close look at those moments when our besties succeeded at driving us over the edge:

Embarrassing you in front of your crush

Let’s face it, we have all been there, whether it was the corridors of our school or the lanes of our locality, if you were unlucky to have crossed a certain someone you were crushing on in front of your best friend, they are going to have a field day over it. What’s worse you can’t do anything about it.

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Never ending food pangs

Friends come over and politely accept or decline whatever you offer to them but not best friends. They barge in, head right for the refrigerator and after eating whatever they can find, chide you for not stocking up enough food. It’s like having a house member who doesn’t pay rent or offers to buy groceries.

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What’s yours is theirs

At times you feel like you have made a wedding vow with them and whatever is yours is automatically theirs. From your latest dress to gadgets, they are not going to rest till they have borrowed every newly acquired possession of yours. Also, don’t expect them to return it anytime soon. Even your mom and dad are theirs.

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When they score better

This might sound a tad bit selfish but all of us had that experience where we were insanely jealous of our bestie for scoring far better than us. What becomes more annoying is the rebuking that awaits us at hands of our parents after we fail to meet the same benchmark.

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When they become pals with other people

This one is gut-wrenching, we might get annoyed with them, we might want to fight with them but we sure as hell can’t see anyone else (not even their love interest) get that place in their lives that is completely reserved for us. After all, they are our best friend.

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And that moment when your best friend leaves you for some blind date.

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A friend in need...

No matter how pissed off you guys are with each other, you best friend is always going to help you.

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You are one soul trapped in two bodies

You may not dress or eat or talk or do many things alike, but there is one thing that is common to both of you, you think alike.

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Biggest Motivator in Town

Yes, your best friend is your biggest motivator, even if you have come up with the stupidest idea of the millennium. He will always back you. 

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Your Best Friend is your Everything

And finally, your world stops when your bestie is mad at you. All you want to do is to appease.

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In the end, this relationship is a lot sweet with some doses of sourness and the constant fights and bickering, that keep our love for our best friends alive. Despite any odds, we would never bargain our best friends for anything in this world, well maybe for a few million dollars. Just kidding!

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