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Special Precautions for Pregnant Woman - Belle Vue's Cambridge Hospital

10 important thing to know about your maternity for your first child: 

The pregnancy test is positive? Well congratulations to you..!! Do you feel like you’re stepping into new land? Over the next nine months you can observe a lot of changes in your body and life.

Here is the list of 10 imperious things to know about your pregnancy, specifically if you going to be a first time mom. So, we've compiled a quick list to help you stay on the healthy side and how you can help yourself during your pregnancy. Following are the measures or tips that will make your pregnancy the most enjoyable and memorable part of life.

1. Consult your doctor on confirming the pregnancy:

Consult your doctor on confirmation of the pregnancy on the urine pregnancy test. The doctor may ask for a blood test called "Serum BHCG to re-confirm the pregnancy or may consider doing an ultrasound scan to check on your baby. This scan will also help ruling out twin pregnancy or an ectopic pregnancy. It also helps with identifying the baby's growth and heartbeat.

2. Find out which week you are in:

Consult your doctor to understand your week bump. It is important you understand your due date to take required measures till the maturation stage.

3. Do you have bleeding?

Once you confirmed your pregnancy if in-case you have any bleeding issue you could consult your doctor and understand the reasons and measures to be taken

4. Are you gaining too much weight?

Your weight increase depends on your body mass index. Once you have a positive sign of your pregnancy, gaining a few pounds is quiet normal. If you are overweight in your early stages or any stage of your trimester it is advised that you consult a dietitian. Eating right is important for the healthy development foryou and your unborn child.

5. Know that some food items are off your menu

Your baby is still tiny and it is important you intake the right nutrients for youand your baby. There are some off limit food that you must avoid which includes alcohol, uncooked food, caffeine, canned food, street food and artificial sweeteners,. Your food habits can determine and build your immunity and strength to ensure your baby grows healthier. Best Maternity Hospitals in Bangalore

Pregnancy Diet & Nutrition: What to Eat, What Not to Eat- Belle Vue's Cambridge Hospitals

6. Exercise Exercise Exercise!!

Exercise is usually advised from the second trimester after consulting with the doctor.

Childbirth is a laborious process and requires a lot of energy. To elevate your energy and stamina it is important you dedicate few minutes or hours in exercise. Regular exercise will strengths your muscles and facilitate your delivery. The right workout and exercise daily shows significant support in the complete development of the child. It is also important to do regular Breathing exercises, squats and stretchers

7. Keep your content positive:

Keepyour environment positive. Feel good about yourself and track all your happiness till delivery stage. Read a book, be yourself, meditate, prepare for parenting, get enough sleep, be happy, listen to music, get your partner to pamper you, go with the flow and do not stress too much.

8. Allocate time in educating yourself:

Read as much as possible about your pregnancy. Know the causes and symptoms andmeasures to be taken in case of emergency ensure to always visit your doctor. If you are a part of any groups and forums where information is exchanged, ask your doubts and quiries to your doctors and get it clarified.

9. Sort out your priorities:

Sort out your priorities and it is imperative that your partner and family support you during the pregnancy.

10. Choose the right place for your birthing:

It’s important you know where you would like to give birth to your child. Is there a right consultation give?? Are the doctors providing you accurate information?? Is the hygiene factor kept in mind?? Is the hospital or clinic in you close by surrounding of your house?? Ensure you take care of these factors for a comfortable delivery process

Bellevue’s Cambridge Hospital is a renowned hospital for mother and child care with over 35 years of quality service. We have a friendly staff catering to the various strata of the society, making birthing, diagnostics, treatments and care affordable for everybody.

Givingbirth is one of the most challenging things a woman will ever do. The feeling of motherhood certainly involves a lot of joy and excitement, but it also brings responsibilities to raise your child as a parent. Its important time to time care is given to your baby and get the right tips on diet, fitness, lifestyle, health etc.

Know this mom’s.. you are the only one who can know what is best during birthing. Stay fit and healthy and ensure you meet your doctor on regular basis. If any signs of distress do not ignore take precautionary measures to avoid complications.

You are going to be a first time mom being anxious and nervous is quiet obvious but this is a new chapter of your life. A proper study and knowledge about birthing and visiting your doctors on regular basis will smoothen the process of your delivery. Once you conceive your entire life surrounds about experiencing every single minute. It is important you remain positive, calm and enjoy every moment of your special period.

We hope that these simple steps or points will help you sail through your pregnancy and make sure you are stress free from all the mis conceptions

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