Can our world become Dystopian in the future?

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Can our world become Dystopian in the future?
  • The Future is unseen but not unpredictable. Dystopia is a futuristic, imagined universe in which pseudo-perfect societies are maintained through corporate, bureaucratic, technological, moral, or totalitarian control. Dystopias, through a hyperbolic scenario, debates on the current trends, social norms, and political systems. The world of dystopia is drab, futile, deprived, pathetic, torn and strewn. There is no tinge of happiness in this havoc-stricken world.

  • Every person living in this plane lives in fear of the unknown and horror. They do as they are told by the chief leaders otherwise, anyone can get killed. Utopia is an ethereal world and anti-utopias are Dystopias which took form with the escalation in technology in the modern world. Dystopias are marked by science fiction as the boom in technology influences the dominant government to take control over the others.

  • Dystopia is an anti-utopia where everything is negative in every sense. The word comes from the Greek word days- and –topia, which literally means ‘bad place’. A dystopian world is rife with the austere, hostile and woeful terrain. In the graffiti of a pseudo-perfect arena is where dystopia lies. It is devoid of all exquisite things and rampant with ruins and is mostly futuristic. When the answer to what is going to happen next is not found then a dystopia is often created by perceiving the conditions of our reality. This place is an imaginary one which mingles science fiction and draws attention to the dehumanizing activities in an unusual way. Power politics, environmental deterioration, technological control, poverty, all play a part in a dystopia.

  • Dystopian literature has come into vogue today. The origin of the Dystopian Literature is mostly the outcome of the terrors of the twentieth century. War, exploitation, violence, disease, ecological damage, depression, unemployment, depletion, barrenness and diminution of life and humanity all resulted in dystopia. It emerged as a full-fledged literary form in the early 1900s, as much terror was seen by the people and there seemed no end to it. Avarice had corrupted people and power structures wanted everything for themselves.

  • The world had entered into a race to see who is the strongest and powerful and this led to innocent being killed and face gruesome life after battles after battles. Science and technological innovations had changed the people’s way of life. And the divide of people from the high and to the low status left the masses to believe in a world with worry, discomfort and a horrendous future.

  • This form vibrates only negative energy and through the shifting histories, it has produced stimulating imagined societies that are far worse than the reality. It made people look beyond to the consequences of what they do. Dystopia’s deleterious serves shaped a new critical stand in the contemporary popular culture. It is, in whole, a very exhaustive and pessimistic demonstration of the very worst of social alternatives created from the situations about.

  • Real life dystopias have been there in the past and in the present. The Nazi Germany and the Stalinist Russia are one of the examples of a lingering dystopia, where the unwanted are thrown apart and the pure people are kept under fear. Some were even staunch supporters of these dictators. These regimes were ended in rebellion but the scars remained. Another example is the World wars. If the present itself is in a dystopian plane then what about the future? Many writers thus, have explored the vastness of reality and have provided with the jeopardy the future holds so that it can be mended before it begins to take shape.

  • Humanity can be lost if the world continues to tread on this path, the future will be deprived of resources and can become frenzied. Writers see through this pattern of living and have formed dystopias to caution the readers on this type of world which could be shaped. The dystopian genre blends with other forms to establish its viewpoint. It makes use of science fiction in portraying an advanced reality. A dystopia works in an arena which is futile and hauntingly bleak. It is incongruous for living a bravura life sans any fear and discomfort. Thoroughly it is sodden in pessimism and is charged negatively.

  • In the seemingly apt and perfect world is where a dystopia is located, but the internal conflicts are many. The current budding craze for dystopian fiction has captivated young adults and novels like The Hunger Games trilogy, The Maze Runner, and the Divergent trilogy has become epics. Even in the film industry, these novels have been adapted into movie versions which have augmented the popularity of this genre.

  • Now the question is can our world turn into one? Positive! When we see our world, it is marked by reckless killing, torture, and pain. Lots of riots and rebellions are witnessed everywhere around the world. I guess if this continues, our world will one day surely become totalitarian just as we saw in the past. It can lead to an ultimate dystopia with a bleak streak.

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