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It seems too hard for a beginner to start making his own cosplay costume. You are not encompassed if you had already got some sewing skills and tools. Making a costume needs patient and skills, and one thing could never be ignored is time. Personally, I suppose it will undermine the confidence of the green hands. You could buy one and ask for the process video from vendors. Consider how they make this costume and learn from it after receiving.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. In fact, prepare for them and take them into account when planning your costume budget.

I accidentally lopped a good three inches off the hem of my  Akamatsu Kaede gown because I wasn’t being careful where I was cutting. I trimmed it shorter and moved on. 

The first Time  Akamatsu Kaede collar I made was much too small and pointy. The second one was the perfect size and shape, but the material didn’t work. I’m going to use it to make the third.

My mom, however, could be the best example of this. She’s made a complete Iron Man match out of foam and had to discard the idea since regardless of the making up, she couldn’t accept the actual color without cracking. She built four helmets before the size and style was correct. A great deal of trial and error before she got the perfect suit.

If something goes wrong on a piece you’ve been working your ass off for, it’s okay to be upset. Take a moment to yell at the wall, then take another moment to assess your mistake. Figure out what went wrong, figure out if you can correct it, and if not, figure out what you can do to make it work on your next attempt.

Especially in cases where you’re custom-making your own pieces, a lot of cosplay is just trial and error. It’ll be frustrating as hell at times, but once you get it right, you’ll think to yourself, “That was totally worth it. I’m still never, ever doing that again.”

As you would expect, it might be too difficult for you ,or you have no energy to have a attempt. In any respect, Cosmanles are always right here and also awaiting you.

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