Cross Platform App Marketing

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This is usually done to bring awareness and promote your product on multiple platforms. Your application has been developed for the mobile app platform, now you’ll want to create a buzz about it on the web platform using micro-sites. This is done by creating a few different micro-sites then creating SEO filled press releases about the product.

When effectively using articles and press releases to promote your product, you aren’t just relying on the mobile platform for a would-be buyer of your products. You can use the web platform in addition to promote your product in the normal way but point them to micro-sites you’ve created. You can begin by writing articles about your application using excellent SEO techniques and create an article marketing campaign for promotion about android installs. You can also use a social network platform for your marketing efforts and create a buzz in places such as Facebook, Twitter and any additional social network hubs that could potentially start a flurry of activity. Video marketing is another area you can create a good buzz about your application. Video is really a great way to showcase your product in a way that cannot be done using article marketing or social networks. 

Cross platform marketing should be a part of any type of mobile app marketing effort because it promotes a product in places many people are hanging out looking for new applications or ideas. Taking advantage of every type of platform you have access to will only give you that much more product exposure. Creating an article marketing effort coupled with video, can produce the results you are looking for. Cross platform app marketing is done every day using techniques that are proven in online marketing all over the world and most app developers haven’t used it. If you are truly thinking of using cross platform app marketing, this process should be done even before your application launches providing exposure and product awareness. Cross platform marketing is effective and will maximize your product awareness as well as sales.

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