What is the Difference between Sneakers and Trainers?

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What is the Difference between Sneakers and Trainers?

When you go for footwear shopping, have you ever wondered what's the difference between sneaker and trainer shoes? You might have seen the two types of shoes lying on the display, but do you really know what are sneaker shoes or what are trainer shoes? 

Let us tell you, these are both part of the fashion trend now-a-days and are amongst the categories of athletic shoes. What they have in common are their soles that are made of rubber. But what's more distinctive about the two? Let's find out! 

What Are Sneaker Shoes?

Sneakers literally mean to sneak into someone or something. Mass production of canvas topped shoes started in the year 1917 which gave birth to shoes called sneakers. These were the first-ever type of shoes made out of rubber sole to replace the cacophony noise created by wooden sole shoes used much before. These were completely silent upon walking and that's what gained the hype. Sneakers sneaked in without coming into anyone's notice. 

Sneakers are made of rubber/ synthetic sole and fabricated with linen or canvas on the upper side. But not all rubber sole shoes are sneakers! And not all athletic shoes are sneakers. 

Sneakers vs. Shoes

Sneakers and shoes are both shoes, but with a difference. Sneakers are more particular and shoes are more generic footwears. Sneakers are also called as joggers and are typically made of rubber soles with a synthetic laden fabric. Sneakers are just meant for comfort and lighter physical activities. While shoes, on the other hand, can be made of any kind of fabric or sole and can employ any kind of usage depending on your preferences. 

What Are Trainer Shoes?

Trainer shoes as the term suggests are nothing but training shoes which are another type of athletic shoes. But what are trainer shoes used for? Weightlifting, running, aerobics and other such hardcore workout activities to go well with the comfort of trainers. These are performance oriented fitness shoes for people who love to sweat it out. Trainers too have rubber sole but possess a sturdy design. 

What Are Trainer Shoes?

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Difference Between Sneakers And Trainers

Both trainers and sneakers have gradually become an essential part of the fashion world. What differs is the type of use each requires. What are sneaker shoes? These are more of fashion footwear. You can get them in different styles, colors, and other such elements. Sneakers are popularly worn by teenagers. But as long as comfort is concerned, anyone can sport them. And the main concern of sneaker shoes is to be trendy as well as a comfortable wear. These are casual, however, you can wear them at almost any occasion and they are part of both athletic as well as street fashion style shoes. 

On the other side, trainers are very activity specific. What are trainer shoes and how can one perfectly select them? These are rubber sole shoes that are designed to enhance the performance of the activity being carried out. It is when you wear a sturdy pair of shoe that you workout even better. Durability matters the most. Trainers have thicker soles along with being shock absorbing and contain ventilation capabilities. Trainers contain sporty designs and are even more detailed. 

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The best suited shoes for gym training is undoubtedly trainers. They are made in such a way that can help you walk comfortably on the treadmill. It also helps us to work on the training and not get distracted. They are made to take nature’s obstacles. It doesn’t get worn off easily. It also helps to adjust the cushion to be suit the best needs of the trainer. It contours to the shape of the foot and modify itself accordingly. Many times, we sweat from our feet, but with a good pair of trainers that can also be avoided. I always prefer trainers over sneakers. I prefer to wear the sneakers in occasions where I go for a casual walk or to school or to play out. So, next time you walk into the gym do not forget to wear what’s best!

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