Do you know the various benefits of Neem?

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Do you know the various benefits of Neem?

Neem leaves are an essential element in Ayurvedic medicine for about 5000 years, and its’ got umpteen number of medicinal uses for us. This is one tree that is grown throughout India and irrespective of whichever community, Indians use this leaves for various medicinal purposes. Even taking a deep breath of the air that comes from the leaves of a neem tree, is itself a great health booster for us.

Medicinal benefits of Neem leaves

Neem leaves are used for various problems in our body starting from head to foot. Some of them are:


-   Boil some water with green leaves until it turns green. After cleaning your hair with shampoo, pour this water over your hair. It’s antibacterial properties will help in removing dandruff, treats the scalp issues and assist in preventing hair fall.


-  Boil some water with neem leaves. After cooling down, use this water to clean your eyes which help to ease the redness and irritations.


-  Pimples get cured by applying a ground paste of neem leaves with water.

-  Boil some neem leaves. After the water gets cooled, wipe your face with the aid of a cotton dip. This will help in treating acnes, scars, pigmentation and black heads.

-  Boil some neem leaves with an orange peel. Make a face pack by adding some yogurt, milk, and honey into it which is splendid for treating pimples, acne, and pore formations.


-  Apply a paste of neem and turmeric over your body for three months. It will cure-all sorts of skin infections.

-  Boil some neem leaves till it turns green. After cooling store it in a bottle. Pour some drops in your regular bath. It will help in getting rid of body odors and infections.

-  While having chicken pox, It is good to take bath with hot water boiled with neem leaves. It will relieve the itching symptoms.

-  Similarly, it is always good to lie on a bed spread with neem leaves while suffering from chicken pox, as it will ease the itching sensation and help you get some sleep.


-  If you have a sore throat, gargling hot water with neem leaves will relieve the symptoms.

-  Regularly drinking water along with crushed neem leaves will be an immunity booster for you.


-  Grind some neem leaves along with some turmeric into a paste and make some small balls out of it. Taking three shots, consecutively for three days, in empty stomach will help in fighting against worm problems in your stomach

-  Drinking boiled neem water will ease all sorts of stomach aches and problems.


-  Soaking your feet in hot neem leaves water will relieve the soreness in your feet and leg pain too.

Also, chewing the neem birch is an excellent alternative for tooth-brush, as yester generation used to have these sorts of practices for maintaining healthy teeth.

Apart from these, there still exist hordes of uses for neem leaves. So It is always good for every household to plant a neem tree, to keep up a good health and to have a whiff of purified fresh air!

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