Do you think e-cigs are harmful? Let’s clear some common E-cigarette myths?

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Do you think e-cigs are harmful? Let’s clear some common E-cigarette myths?

Recently, we have read a number of stories about e-cigarettes, which is a popular alternative for regular cigarettes. But e-cigs seem to be like Marmite, continuously remain as a controversial product among the media and public alike. The introduction of e-cigarettes was made a few years ago, but now it has become quite popular among individuals. The most interesting part is that e-cigarette producers have now reduced the prices to make them available to the general public.

Undoubtedly, you will come across two smokers among every ten people. So, it is quite predictable that the numbers of smokers are huge in mass. Nevertheless, the cigarette has remained a popular option among people of all classes. But owing to the high prices of e-cigarettes, they have been limited only to the aristocrat society. But recently, the fall in prices, as well as easy availability, has made it a prominent alternative to regular cigarette smokers.

There are plenty of misconceptions and inaccuracies surrounding e-cigarettes as well as vaping. In this blog, you will find out the facts related to the common myths. Hopefully, this will prove to be useful and clear your misconception regarding ecigs.

You can get a popcorn lung with cigarettes.

This is the most common concern you will find surrounding an e-cigarette. There is a special kind of flavoring used in the liquid element associated with the e-cigarette. This liquid is used to provide a buttery flavor to the smokers. A chemical known as diacetyl is used for this purpose, which is directed connected to serious lung diseases in the long run. If you are thinking why popcorn lung, then let me tell you that this condition is generally found in workers working in the popcorn factories.

But you will be glad to know that this chemical has been a ban in the UK and no longer used as one of the ingredients of e-cigarettes. In the past, this product was used in high quantities in e-cigarette production, but in comparison to the regular cigarettes smoke, the usage was quite less.

What are the actual ingredients used in e-cigarettes? Are e-cigs regulated?

In the country of UK, recently some strict regulations have been set up for the production of e-cigarettes. The production of the e-cigarette is subjected to maintain the minimum standards of safety and quality along with the assurance of providing accurate information on the label and packaging of the product. This will enable the buyers to get accurate information of the product, thus allowing them to make informed decisions.

The UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, MHRA in abbreviated form is responsible for ensuring the e-cigarettes manufactured by the UK e-cig factories.

E-cigarettes are harmful - Contain high nicotine level.

You will find that almost four out of every ten chain smoker, think that nicotine leads to similar side effects like tobacco. But according to the evidence and researches, it has been already stated that nicotine carries the minimum possible health risks. We all know that nicotine is the major reason behind people becoming addicted to cigarette smoking. But it's just not nicotine; it is the presence of the thousands of elements in e-cigs that leads to all the health-related issues.

Carbon monoxide and tar are the two most harmful products that are not used in these cigarettes. They can be considered safe in comparison to regular cigarettes.

The bystanders can be affected with the smoke emitted from e-cigarettes.

It has been already found that exposure to the second-hand smoke can be quite harmful. This is the one and major reason behind UK laws prohibiting the use of cigarettes in public. These laws do not have anything to do with vaping, and hence, companies are completely free to frame their policies related to the use of electronic cigarette within their premises.

The liquid found in an electronic cigarette is generally composed of propylene, glycol, nicotine, glycerin as well as other flavorings. Just unlike a cigarette, you will not find any side stream vapor being emitted by e-cigarettes. You will be just exhaling the aerosol into the air.

According to the latest evidence, it has been found that there are no health risks of vaping to the bystanders. So in that sense there is no effect of passive smoke on the family or even bystanders. Those who are affected by health issues like asthma, as well as another kind of respiratory conditions, can be highly sensitive to a wide range of environmental irritants, including e-cig vapor. So find out what is suitable for you.

The electronic cigarette can lead to the habit of regular smoking

Till date, no reports have been found which state that the use of electronic cigarette can lead a non-smoker into the habit of smoking. Young generation can use this electronic cigarette without having to worry about getting addicted. According to the survey that has been carried out in the UK, it has been found that the young generation is interested in electronic cigarette and they keep on experimenting with them time and again. But regular use is not yet reported and mostly confined to those who are already into the habit of regular smoking cigarettes. In fact, with the introduction of e-cigarettes into the market, several pieces of evidence have shown that the number of people who have the habit of smoking keeps on declining by a large extent.

Wrapping up - What should you do?

If you are into the habit of regular smoking or a chain smoker, it is essential that you immediately start with electronic cigarettes. From the above-stated facts, you can be sure that e-cigarettes are not at all harmful. And when compared to regular cigarettes, e-cig is the just preferable choice for the smokers. It is always advisable to give up smoking as quickly as you can, but still, we all know that chain smokers or regular smokers find it just next to impossible. For them, nothing can be better than e-cigarettes, which devoid the presence of the dangerous tar and tobacco. 

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