What is Custom moulding?

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What is Custom moulding?

Custom moulding is universally liked packaging solution for shipping goods, and it is one of the versatile forms of packaging available in the market today.

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) or Custom moulding is used for the production of some objects. T

he processing of EPS (expandable polystyrol) takes place in the steps

•    Pre-expanding
•    Intermediately storing
•    Final moulding.

Custom moulds are popularly used as protective packaging for consumer electronic products and delicate goods food items and fishes. Its excellent thermal insulation property and mechanical durability make it ideal to package fish and other food items. The custom moulding is far more superior as like compare to cardboard for packing goods. These products are widely utilized for packaging both consumer goods and in the manufacturing industry. Some of the consumer durables that are packed in EPS moulding are glassware, furniture, minor electrical goods and delicate electrical appliances.

Some of the important properties of EPS are

    Durability: The moulding is durable enough and hence it is often used in packaging of cold storage foodstuffs.
    Lightweight: EPS is made up of 98% air and hence has extremely low weight. While shipping goods, the cost of packaging also decreases due to its low weight.
    Insulation:   The excellent thermal insulation property helps to maintain the temperature and thereby maintains the freshness of the food.

Advantages of Custom Molded expanded polystyrene (EPS) Packaging

EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam custom-molding has become popular now a day. It provides the ultimate protection to the packaging and the products. Custom-molded EPS packaging technology is the most advanced custom-molding technology available, allowing us to produce products faster and more efficiently.

Some of the benefits of such moulding are

•    Cost Effective & Innovative: The cost of custom moulding is very low. So people can avail this packaging facility at a very affordable price.
•    Easy Customization: The design, shape, size of the moulding can be done according to the requirement of client. Custom moulding is user-friendly to develop.
•    Maintain Temperature: By means of thermal insulation they maintain an appropriate temperature.
•    A variety of sizes available: Due to the availability of a variety of sizes, it becomes very efficient to handle.
•    Eco-friendly:  EPS custom moulding is environmental friendly.
•    Lower Energy Consumption: The process involved in moulding consumes a very less amount of heat and hence it conserves a huge amount of energy.
•    No CFC: No CFC (chlorofluorocarbons) is used in the manufacturing process which is again a positive thing to protect the environment.
•    Durability: The mouldings are durable with the long lasting property.
•    Recyclable: The EPS custom mouldings are also recyclable.

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