7 Reasons Why Sweating Is Both Good And Bad For You

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7 Reasons Why Sweating Is Both Good And Bad For You

Summer not only brings with it the bright sun but a weather full of hot winds and humidity. The scorching heat causes excessive sweating and oil secretion too. The combination of these two is nothing less of a nightmare. Sweat and oil collectively lead to the formation of acnes and pimples.

But what if we tell you that sweat might help you fighting those ugly little monsters called acnes? Researchers have found out that sweating isn’t all bad and is not the only cause of pimples and acnes.

 In fact, sweating helps in clearing the pimples and acnes. Read the article to find out how it works.

Benefits of Sweating


Sweat not only purifies pores, but it also helps in flushing out toxins like alcohol, cholesterol, and salt which leaves the skin fresh and radiant. So, next time before getting ready for a party, make sure you hit the gym to get that natural glow.

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Sweat contains antimicrobial peptides which work efficiently against viruses, bacteria, and fungi. They are positively charged and hence attract the negatively charged bacteria, and penetrate their membranes to break them down. If you often find yourself falling sick then make sure you start working out because sweat helps in building your immune system.

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Sweating leads to the production of plenty of dermcidin peptides into your pores which help in cutting off the head of the acne snakes. So, cycling, working out in the gym, trekking whatever makes the sweat drip off your face is helping in killing the acne bacteria from your body

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Having said that, it is still important to remember that sweating may not be as good for everyone. Here are a few disadvantages of excessive sweating:

Drawbacks Of Sweating


Sweat causes breakouts, especially in areas which are pressed against fabrics for long periods, like the underarms. Running or exercising leads to sweating which mixes up with the oil causing breakouts.

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Sweating because of the hot climate or from working out, causes the formation of sweat acnes called Pityrosporum Folliculitis. This is a tough and determined form of acne and hence difficult to treat. The sweat and heat raise the yeast production causing pimples.

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Sweat can create an occlusion of the pores resulting in the formation of red bumps. These red bumps are a result of the combination of both sweat and oil which gets mixed leading to blockage of pores. These blocked pores may not be as big as blemishes but are a bunch of red bumps. They may or may not itch but surely looks gross.

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#4. How To Sweat Less?

If you are prone to sweat acne due to sweating, then:

- Regular face wash and following a cleansing routine will help you wash off all the excess sweat and oil from the skin.

- Wearing cotton clothes that are airy and light also prevents unnecessary sweating.

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Are you sweating hard this summer? Let us know in the comment section below.

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