Fabulous DIY Ideas for a Fun Fairy Garden

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Fabulous DIY Ideas for a Fun Fairy Garden

A fairy garden is nothing but a simple realistic creation of our imagination regarding a fairy tale character. It can be any fairy tale character, for example, tinker bell, Cinderella, or Alice from Wonderland and if you are not a great fan of a fairy tale character then you can just use a statue of a bird or any sort of animal you like. A special fact about fairy gardens is that it does not have any compulsory rules to build it. One can build a fairy garden anywhere (like in a pot or under a shady shrub or beside a tree stump) and with whatever he/she feels comfortable. The only aim of building a fairy garden is to have fun with your imagination! 

You must have seen a lot of fairy gardens in the online world and as well as in real life. Some with a lot of intricate details like having a castle, a tower or a cottage with real chimneys. Such accessories are easily available in any fairy gardening store around you with expensive price tags on them plus they are also becoming common as everyone is buying them regularly. With you being here I guess this is the principle reason – you are looking for fabulous DIY ideas for a fun fairy garden that you can use to make your fairy garden stand out from the crowd. So, here you go! I am going to share some fun DIY ideas with you that will make your fairy garden look more naturalistic and at the same time have a wonderful look. 

Below is the list of some common natural items that you will find anywhere around your backyard or in the woods (if you have one around). All you need to do is let your mind wander!  

• Acorns 

• Twigs

• Stones/pebbles

• Pinecones

• Rotten tree barks

Some man-made items in assistance, 

• Scissors 

• Hammer

• Clay

• Hot glue

• Embroidery needle

• Old pieces of fabric

• Beads

• Brad's nails

After you collect all these items you can’t imagine how many different accessories you can make from them. 

Fabulous DIY ideas to try 

A cave for fairies to hide 

In order to make this, you will need to 

• Take a plastic bowl with a round lip around it.

• Now mark the door and window with a permanent marker on the surface of the bowl.

• Cut out the plastic according to the shape you marked for the door and window.

• Use cement or hot glue to stick pebbles one by one on the surface of the plastic bowl.

• In order to add a highlight to the door and window, you can use a different colored pebble-like in here I have used black pebbles.

• Now that the cave is complete, leave it outside for sometimes – just to let it dry!

A magical entrance for the fairies 

To make such an adorable door, the recipe is you need to find a base of any tree or you can use a miniature piece of plywood and paint it like I have painted it in mossy green color. Add a pushpin of silver color to simulate a metal doorknob. Such door will look amazing if you can fit it in a surrounding that will compliment it. You can see already that I have used hot glue to stick pebbles around the border of the door. Also, you need to make sure that the door is placed right in the middle of the cervix of a tree trunk. This position will make the look of the entrance catchier! 

The walkway 

Now that the door is complete, you need to make a walkway for the fairies. To make a walkway you can use medium sized flat pebbles or circular pieces of tiny wood or you can use flagstone like me. If you are thinking, “why not make a stacked stone wall using the similar pebbles used to decorate the border around the door?” I would say, brilliant!

If you want, you can color some stones simulating red mushroom and place them along the side of the walkway. This will enhance the beauty of a simple walkway and make it a magical one. 

Planters from nature 

Anyone with an untrained eye cannot detect that these planters are made from acorn caps. To fill these planters you need a pinch of soil and the tiniest weed you can find. For example, I have used clover blossoms. If you want to add a touch of color to your fairy garden then you can use oven bake clay to make planters and then color them. Such colorful planters will add an extra bling to your fairy garden. 

A fairy hammock 

  During daytime, fairies love to wander around or sit outdoor instead of being indoors. So why not make something creative that will allow your fairies to sit and relax outside the house? For example, you can make a mini-hammock like I made. All you need to do is, cut out a small piece of colorful fabric in the shape of a leaf; tie both ends of the fabric with embroidery strings and knot the strings with the twigs already plunged into the soil. Alongside the hammock, fairies also love swings (especially the ones with long braided chains hanging from a high tree branch) 

A fairy ladder made from twigs 

You can make such a ladder just with few simple twigs found in your backyard. All you need to do is, use hot glue to stick the small pieces of twigs to the long vertical ones on either side. To add a little fancy to the ladder, you can tie colorful embroidery threads or spread some golden or silver glitter over the twigs.  

Well, those were some of my fun DIY ideas for fairy gardening accessories. I would not say that you must make these accessories as exactly as I made but you can add your own custom touch and make something that you will be proud to show your family members and friends. 

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