How can one overcome depression?

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How can one overcome depression?

Depression invades our mind like a virus and slowly eats us from the inside. It ruins us and devastates us to the core.

Once depression creeps into us, there occurs umpteen problem and to get out of it is a big challenge. It comes either due to failure, incompetence, sometimes mood swings, climatic change and other negative stuff.

But nothing is impossible. There are lot many ways to overcome Depression. For some, one solution may not work while for others it may work.

To overcome Depression one should

Find interesting things to do

Hang out with some friends

Listen to soothing music

Express through writing, drawing and dancing

Find someone to confide to

Sleep properly

Spend some alone time with nature

Keep yourself busy, don’t let any distracting thought enter into your mind

Do some fun stuff

Be with people who encourage and support

Do some exercises to relax

Read something you like

Find professional help if it gets out of hand

These are some things one can do to overcome depression. Try some of these and if it doesn’t work, one should get professional help. There are many good counseling centers one can approach for such problems. Having a positive attitude will help a lot.

Spend time with nature
  • Depression is commonly associated with insomnia. Insomnia is an inability of a person to sleep or retain enough quantity of sleep. 

  • Depression may cause insomnia and insomnia may lead to depression. 

  • There are some important things one can do if both conditions are present simultaneously.

  1. Do exercise regularly
  2. Take a balanced diet comprising of fresh fruits and vegetables
  3. Do Yoga and Pranayama after proper training
  4. Do meditation
  5. Avoid worries, stress while going for sleeping
  6. Ensure you get enough quantity and quality of sleep
  7. Consult your physician for better advice

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