How do renowned Call Centres reduce Customer Effort?

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How do renowned Call Centres reduce Customer Effort?

In today’s customer-oriented world, it is fundamental for business owners to give splendid resolutions during support service interactions. Do you know the factor that can bring business’s credibility to question? ‘High customer effort.’

Customer effort (CE) is one of the significant attributes of customer experience. It shows the amount of effort that customers have to put to get a resolution of products/services-related issues. For the business’s overall health, CE should be kept as low as possible. Owing to this, organisations avail call centre services from renowned vendors like BPO firms.

Here are some facts that are related to customer effort, so have a look:

•    56% of customers report that they have to re-explain an issue during support interaction.
•    57% of customers mention that they have to switch from one support channel to other to get satisfactory solutions.
•    62% of customers state that they have to contact the company repeatedly for the desired resolution.

Today, we will tell how renowned call centres reduce customer effort. So, let’s get started:     

Provide a low-effort resolution path i.e. ‘Self-service’

Nowadays, customers can avail desired resolutions easily as multiple support channels like live chat, email, etc. are available for them. However, customers often prefer the voice channel as they are emotionally connected to it. During peak hours, customer effort score (CES) increases significantly, which isn’t good for the business’s brand image.

To reduce the customer effort, established call centres provide low-effort resolution path i.e. ‘Self-service.’ Offering this service can really do wonders because sometimes customers don’t seek human response as all they want is the resolution of generic issues.

By means of self-service, customers can easily get satisfactory resolutions of basic issues, which would certainly slash the CES, and that, in turn, bolsters the business’s brand image.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy a stronger customer base, avail call centre services from any reputed vendor as soon as possible.

Weed out issues in one go

Do you know why most of the business owners avail unmatched call centre services from a reputed vendor? No? Well, they want to ensure that customers always get quality solutions swiftly. Renowned call centres also strive for the same.

Generally, support agents are told to be focussed on achieving high FCR (first contact resolution) rate rather than reducing the AHT (average handle time). It is so because if agents weed out issues from the root during the first support service interaction, this not only lifts the CSAT score but also ensures low customer effort.

So, if you are handling customer service queries on your own, make sure that your in-house support agents keep these tips in their mind:

•    Always let customers explain the issues so that the real cause could be known.
•    Build a reliable knowledge base so that agents can solve issues to perfection.
•    It should be confirmed that customers are satisfied with the given solutions before concluding the interaction.

Ensure smooth conversation with customers

Usually, reputed call centres tell their support agents to communicate in an effective manner during customer interaction in order to ensure low CES.  

“How can an effective conversation reduce customer effort?”

Oftentimes, customers have general queries and want a meaningful dialogue with support agents to avail expected resolutions in a jiffy. However, when agents use technical terms during the conversation, customers often fail to get the point. Thereby, customers have to make contact over and over, which consequently decreases CX levels and increases CES. This, as a negative result, invites the problem of customer defection.

Hence, if you are an owner of an in-house call centre, the following tips would definitely help you to bring CES down:

•    Instruct support agents to converse with customers by using simpler language.
•    Make sure that call scripts don’t contain jargons or technical words.
•    Provide quality speech training so as to ensure that agents can converse effectively.

Reduce agent effort    

In order to minimise customer effort and enhance customer experience, it is significant to reduce the agent effort. The job of support agents has always been one of the most difficult ones as dealing with customers of different nature on the regular basis isn’t an easy task to accomplish.

There is a possibility that support agents may fail to provide expected solutions during customer interaction owing to tedious work culture and high-performance targets. This indirectly leads to high customer effort. In simple words, High agent effort = high customer effort.

Thus, if you want to keep the CES in check, here are some vital tips that you should take into consideration:

•    Always manage your workforce according to the average number of support requests.
•    Install the WFM software to ensure that the required number of agents is available to handle customer service queries.
•    Always keep the occupancy rate stable.
•    Arrange monthly meetings and invite support agents to share their workload related problems.

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