How to Add Taste and Nutrition with Curry Leaves?

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Curry leaves are one of the most commonly used herbs. Their dark green, strong fresh aroma and citrus taste make them a unique garnish and flavor enhancer. It can be wholly used, as the fresh leaves and stalks both are edible and are used for culinary applications. These are widely used for making a wide range of South Indian cuisines, curries, snacks, and much more.

Nutritional Value of Curry leaves

The common use of curry leaves, as a garnish and flavor enhancer, is just the tip of the iceberg. The unbeknownst fact is that these are loaded with numerous components of health benefits such as essential oils, acids, minerals, and vitamin.

Health benefits :

Skin inflammation: These leaves have anti-rheumatic and anti-arthritic properties that help to reduce the swelling. 

Diarrhea: They assist in the proper functioning of the liver and bonding of the bowels, and curing Diarrhoea.

Mouth ulcers: These are an outstanding antiseptic for reducing the mouth ulcer.

Menstrual disorders: The fresh curry leaves can regulate menstrual cycles and reduce the menstrual cramps.

Blood sugar and blood pressure: These herbal leaves are a natural stimulant that helps in regulating sugar levels and blood pressure.

Eye care: Their consumption can prevent vision disorders and reduces strain on the eyes.

Anti-allergic properties: They can reduce the discomfort of seasonal allergies.

There are various other benefits of consuming fresh curry leaves on a regular basis. The demand for this miraculous herb is increasing day by day, due to its therapeutic nature and refreshing aroma. The benefits of these leaves are gearing up the exporters to make bulk arrangements of this herb to supply at a global level. To establish a benchmark in the export domain, fresh curry leaves exporters should consider the following points:

The assurance of nutritional value, freshness, and aroma of the acquired leaves lot is very essential.

They should make sure that the offered fresh leaves are organically cultivated, handpicked and without the use of any artificial color or pesticides.

They should offer customized packaging to meet the distinctive demands of their clients.

They should keep a check on the supply chain at regular intervals to maintain flawless transactions.

As the product is consumable, they should use the hygienic packaging techniques, to avoid human interference as much as possible.

Proper storage conditions that include maintaining the temperature of the warehouse, the exposure to sunlight, proper ventilation and keeping humidity control is essential to keep the freshness of the leaves intact.

To beat up the competition keeping reasonable prices is a must.

A team of ardent professionals should be employed to keep a track of the whole process from packaging to transit to keep intact the nutritional value of the leaves.

We can acclaim that the fresh curry leaves exporters are celebrated among the renowned business houses in the world, providing aromatic bestowal to culinary and pharmaceutical industries. 

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