How to avoid a very miserable, depressing, and mean co-worker.

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There is this lady in my office who's been there for 6 years, she's never been married ,no kids, the baby of five children is in her fifties and lives at home with her parents. All put other siblings seem successful and have children with children but she is just a miserable human being. she will literally shoot down every idea you have even if your boss likes it tries to steal work from you and on top of that was sit there and whine about how I don't have kids my dog died which I'm pretty sure he did to get away from her and that she has this disease of autoimmune deficiency. she's upset because me and another girl were up for management but we declined it because we went to different positions and she's never been offered she can't make decisions on her own without holding hands she will tell you one thing and then turn it around and be like no that's not how it is even though you just stated that you could do that at work and we have. she don't date she is just all around miserable and brings everyone down she's around I think my position I work for just feel sorry for her she likes to play on sympathies and she also acts so phony around so supervisors. she can't multi-task and any idea she comes up with never finishes then gets mad if you're able to do it. she's very jealous and cynical and thinks that certain people are only hired because of their looks. I'm just over dealing with her I've even tried doing the same stuff with her that she does to me but it does not seem to work she literally even made one of my co-workers quit due to making her severely depressed from being around her all the time. 

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