How to Become a Fun Person to be with?

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How to Become a Fun Person to be with?

If you think that charming and funny people are born that way, you are probably wrong. The environment and the way people think changes everything when they are growing up. If you thought you are boring and can never become the most fun loving person who people love to be with, it’s time to burst your bubble honey! You can become the most fun-loving personality around your friends if you wish to.

During those formative years of early adulthood and childhood, you really need to pick up those traits which can make you the funniest and most comfortable person around. You can certainly learn to be like this and gradually fun will become a part of you. Therefore, you do not need to hesitate anymore to say what you feel and crack the jokes you like. Be the way you are, follow this guide below to know how can you become the most fun person around:

#1. First Of All, Relax

People like to hang out with those who are comfortable and safe. Also, those who are always ready to have fun. You do not have to do anything more in order to make people have fun with you and in your company. People always have a good time with those who are chilled out and relaxed all the time. The people who are not relaxed panic themselves and make others feel so. Just relax and throw a little compliment on people. Or probably show them a little gesture of care or just have a relaxed body language so that people can lose up easily with you.

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#2. Give Attention To People Around You

If you want your friends to hang out with you and think that you are a fun person to be with, you really need to pay attention to them as well. Whenever you are around your friends, do not shift your focus to other things. Also if you want to hang out with your family or siblings, follow the same rule. Make an easy eye contact with them when they are talking, try and ignore your phone for some time and make them feel important when you around your friends or family. People love to hang out with those who prioritize them.

#3. Sense Of Humor Is An Essential Component

If you want everyone to enjoy being around you, all you need is a good sense of humor. If you are never afraid of the fact that how you are looking, people will love to be around you. People who are always conscious of how they look always spoil the fun. No matter how ridiculous or silly you look, try and have as much fun as you can. Eat however you like, dance like nobody's watching, sing your favorite song without feeling embarrassed of your voice, wear your favorite joggers without thinking how you look and do not be afraid to crack a joke that you feel is funny. The sense of humor can come from anywhere.

#4. Embrace As Many Adventures As You Can

People who are always ready to go on adventures, take risks and do what they have never done before are the most fun loving people you can find around. In order to make people enjoy your company, your goal is to be as adventurous as you can. If there is something that is on the plate which you have never tried before or are afraid of doing that, simply give it a try. You will lose your fear, first of all, secondly, you will be everyone’s favorite. If you are the person who is coming up with new ideas, then you will be everyone’s fun partner to be with. Be spontaneous and explore your limits.

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#5. Keep All The Things Positive Around You

The strongest and most fun-loving people are those who find happiness even in the worst time of their life. Keeping yourself inspired by the positive things, this is what you got to do. Even if you are going through a rough patch in your life, always focus on the positive part of your life. Think about the most successful time of your life and try to be as happy as you can. Celebrate your failures and work hard to achieve your goals. If you think you are becoming negative and depressed, try and make yourself positive by motivating and inspiring yourself from within. Even if people around you are not happy and feeling depressed, try to cheer them up.

#6. Always Try To Bring Your Friends Together

Usually, people love to hang out in a group. If you are also a part of a group, try and keep all of them together. It happens naturally that some friends fight most of the time or things do not go smooth. Be a uniter always. Try and make the bond stronger between your friends. Be very subtle and calm about making your friends solve their fights and get them back together. Throw positive light good things about them in front of each other, so that they start getting along. Suggest fun activities which can bring friends closer to each other.

#7. Try And Complain, Less

Unless there is something very crucial, try and keep yourself as positive as possible. The people who tend to complain a lot about almost everything are usually very annoying to everyone. Nobody likes to be around a complainer. You need to be very flexible as far as adjusting somewhere or with someone is concerned. People who can gel up with everyone are usually everyone's favorite. If you will keep whining, your friends will always think that you are not someone to have fun with. Therefore, the key is to be happy on your own and stop complaining about anything around, of course, unless it is something very huge, you can talk it out with close ones.

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#8. Don’t hesitate To Open Up With People

The people who are fun usually get comfortable with everyone and most importantly, they make everyone else comfortable when they are around them. You should never be hesitant to open up to someone and talk to them. Fun people are happy to share their happiest ideas and thoughts with everyone around them. Therefore, you should learn to make everyone feel comfortable and welcomed. If you are approaching and comfortable, the people talking to you are most likely to open up very easily. All you need to do is create an environment that is fun, safe and welcoming.

#9. Meet New People

As they say, “ first impression is the last impression.” Whenever you are meeting someone new, try and portray a personality which is fun loving. Moreover, after following all these steps, you will eventually become one of the fun loving person as well. Even when the person is completely different from you, if you feel comfortable, so will they. Therefore, do not keep your fun-loving nature to yourself and let people enjoy being around you more. There are so many people who teach you so much from their experience. So you should open up to new people at least for that experience.

#10. Keep A Mischievous Attitude

The people who are extremely fun loving always have a streak of mischievousness around them. They like being the funniest people in the group. They are always pulling someone's leg. They have so many conversations which have so many funny meanings behind them. Keeping a mischievous attitude will make you everyone’s favorite person to be around. You should try and think out of the box. Then there will always be a funny side to your conversations which people will enjoy a lot.

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#11. Wear Your Self Confidence

Hold your confidence high all the time so that people are never able to pull your part. You should always be confident about the way you are. People will love you for the same reasons for which other people will hate you. When people will love you with all their heart, there will be some jealous people as well who will never say anything good about you. But do not let them take away your confidence and positivity. Pull yourself up always whenever people say anything bad about you. There are many people who love you. Therefore, focus on those who love you so much.

#12. Be Who You Are And Know Your Worth

Incorporate humor and funny side to your own personality. Do not try to fit into someone else’s choice or do not try to copy someone. Just be yourself and know your own world. Do not try to be someone else, who is also loved by people. Funny people are smart, they never try to copy someone. Remember this and believe in yourself in order to become a person everyone craves to be around. Be aware of the things that are happening around you, so that you can have interesting things to talk about to people. People who are out of the box are always loved by others.

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We hope our guide to becoming a fun person to be with will help you. Share your views with us in the comment section below.

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