How to Become Smarter?

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How to Become Smarter?

When it comes to life there are certain things that make it or break it for all of us. The way we present ourselves, the way we make decisions regarding various things in life, our attitude towards life and the things happening to us, all throw light on who we are. At the same time, it becomes essential to keep in mind the fact that all of us do have to face certain things in life, certain situations that are not always in our direct control. We all have challenges irrespective of it being in our personal life or our work life. Although we have the power to control our own decisions, we certainly do not have the power to control all of these twists and turns that life randomly throws at us.

Any person who is able to dodge these curve balls and is able to come out of each of them a winner has certain things in mind; they have a very different attitude from those who find it hard to navigate their path through all of such situations. So does it mean these people are smarter than the rest of the bunch of people? What are these people doing differently? How to get smarter every day? What is a smarter way to learn? How do you really deal with life smartly? If you have been someone who has constantly found others smarter, if you often feel that others easily get away with things that seem hugely complex to you, you are at the right place. This article is all about how you can be smarter in life and your career.

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What Does Being Smarter Actually Mean?

Being smart in life and your career is actually all about doing things differently from the rest of the world. When you seem smarter to other people or someone seems smart to you that is simply because you find them dealing with the same life and work challenges differently and more effectively. People who are smart are not always more intelligent. In fact, intelligence has nothing to do with being smart. You can be intelligent and not be smart at the same time. But, you can always be smart, and that will always help you to become more intelligent. Intelligence is what can be cultivated and polished. Being smart on the other hand is all about a different attitude towards life. “Winners don’t do different things they do things differently,” by Shiv Khera who is one of the world’s best motivational speaker, who has published this quote and always stressed the importance of what smart people do differently.

How To Become Smarter?

#1. One of the things that people who become smarter do is, they do a lot of reading that contributes to their perspective on life. This kind of reading is something that you call food for thought and that constantly motivates and introduces you to various kinds of paradigms shifts and ways to better yourself and ways to move ahead in life positively. Essentially, it includes self-help and self-growth related books. Reading is something we all should make a part of our everyday lives. One of the drawbacks of the kind of life a lot of us choose to live is, there is hardly any emphasis on bettering ourselves. Reading on a regular basis is one such thing that will help us in becoming a better version of ourselves and live our lives with some purpose and meaning. This kind of reading that will make you a smarter individual does not include books that are solely for entertainment and the magazine’s that will only provide you with entertainment. You can go ahead and read all such things for your entertainment if it interests you, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But, what is essential is, apart from all that you choose to do throughout the day, you really require to reserve some time for reading that will give you food for thought. So make sure you read some quality reading material each day.

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#2. People who are extremely smart do not waste their time. This is so very important to keep in mind, and we need to make a part of our daily planning and goals. How we use our time is the thing that determines how we are going to create our life. Our life at the end of the day is a culmination of what actions we choose to take over a period of time. We all eventually tend to live what we create each day. One of the examples of what people who are smarter do is the fact that they do not waste a single moment watching television. They are very clear about their goals and do not require any form of entertainment that does not add value to their lives. This does not mean you need to keep working each day mechanically. As simple as it can get, just choose a recreation that will add to the growth of your soul and mind. For example, if you love to dance make it a part of your everyday routine as a breather from all the hard work you put in. That way you will learn a new skill and polish it, you will be able to keep your body fit and will not feel fatigue. There you have made the best possible use of your time and also not been mechanically slogging yourself all day long.

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#3. If you wish to become smarter in the way you deal with your career as well as life at large, you will have to work on your paradigms. Paradigms are the kind of beliefs and notions about the world that we all pick up from the teachings of our society, our culture and life experiences. What is important to understand is the fact that we always have a bunch of beliefs that do not serve us in our growth. They often turn into road blocks on our way to becoming a better version of ourselves. These beliefs may include, things like, negative notions about money, for example ‘people who are rich are often bad hearted’ this may a have come from your experience in life or your parents and the culture you live in to teach you this kind of an idea. What we need to understand is the fact that these are not true; they are just the result of what others have experienced. Once we can get rid of negative beliefs which will often restrict us from taking the risks that are necessary and the actions that will give us a better life we will be able to break free and live a more purposeful life.

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#4. Being smarter also includes the concept of proactive living as against reactive living. If you wish to be a smarter version of yourself, you will have to live life in a much proactive way rather than living a reactive life. This is an idea that author Stephen Covey talk’s about in his book ‘The seven habits of highly effective people.’ What this idea means is what almost all motivational speakers and life coach always talk about. It is the concept of not living a life where you react to the incidents that are taking place in your life at all times in a way that the situation demands, but, consciously choosing your response to the events. We all do not control a lot of situations in our lives, but proactive living is when we exercise the ability to consciously choose your reaction to all these events of your life. This is what determines how smartly you deal with the situations in life and at work. People who live proactively in life always are able to take control of themselves and do not let the events in life control them.

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#5. Smart people always choose to surround themselves with smarter people. What kind of company you keep hugely affects the kind of person you go on to become. If you constantly choose to surround yourself with people who are smarter than you, you will be exposed to a different kind of perspective in life. People who are better achievers in comparison to you will always give you higher standards to aim for; they will have a bunch of habits that will prove to be helpful for you to improve yourself. It will expose you to the kind of strategies they use to achieve higher goals in their life. You can learn a lot from such people. On the other hand, if you choose to surround yourself with people who have negative habits and are pessimistic, you will pick up from them those negative attitudes and reduce the level of your personal growth. Their negative attitude towards life will hamper your perspective in life. At the end of the day, it is about how you choose to behave in each and every aspect of your life. But, the kind of people you surround yourself always, consciously and unconsciously tend to affect your growth.

Do you think you need to be smarter in handling things in your life? Do you think the above article will help you to achieve that? Please comment below to let us know your opinion.

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I have been facing a lot of challenges in my life; it all started in the high school and went on to persist in various areas of life. When most things started falling apart it was a signal that I surely required to do things differently. That was when I realize the fact that these life challenges were things that almost everyone faced in their lives. I was not the only one. But there was a difference between them and me. The ones that were living a flawless life, at least it seemed like they were, easily navigating their path through these problems. They were just smarter than me; they just dealt with the same problems in a very different way and hence found a way out of it. This realization helped me to become a smarter person and not let challenges shatter me.

Here are a few things that I did to become a smarter person and a better version of me. You can use these to develop a smarter way to learn, to become smarter every day, to become smarter fast; you can also choose to use them as ways to become smarter at work, just simply become smarter each day.

1 The first thing to do is to ask for help; please make sure you do not refrain from asking help. When you feel like you need to change something or you need to change yourself or your life, please understand the fact that you will need to ask people for some kind of help. You need advice from people who have made these changes in life. Who will be able to tell you what you can do differently in your life that will help you to change the results you are creating for yourself, we always shy away from asking help? We often keep thinking what the others will think. But the only way to do things differently is by actually asking for help from people who are already creating the results that you wish to create and also help you to become a smarter version of yourself. 

2. To become smarter, I was told that I need to apply the kind of guidance I was given. I realized along my journey that if you read books and ask for advice, as a result of which you are introduced to new ideas. You will only be able to get results in life if you apply these guidance’s that are provided to you. Having knowledge of any kind that is not applied in action is absolute of no use. You will not be able to make changes in yourself and become smarter if you do not apply the new ways of Improvement that are provided to you. 

3. When I wanted to make changes in my life desperately I had to become a different version of myself. That is, developing habits that helped me to archive my goals and look at life differently. This was what helped me the most to become a smarter person.

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