How to Choose your College Major?

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How to Choose your College Major?

Choosing a suitable college and major can sound scary at times as we tend to get confused on what to choose. “What should I do in college?” Do not become a bundle of nerves and take whatever interests you. Also, remember not to make decisions hastily as that could land you with unemployment. 

A major is an area of study you pick in college. Having a major degree has become relatively important these days to land a good job. Although, it does not predict or guarantee you work. Graduates sometimes find themselves in a dilemma of not having a connection between the courses they studied in college to the job they find. According to the U.S Department of Labor, the average twenty-something switch jobs once every three years and the average person changes career fields two or three times in their lifetime. Also, if you wish to pursue a professional degree like ‘Masters in journalism’ etc. after college, then you would require certain courses in your pocket. Do not retire until you accomplish what you desire.

Choosing the right major for you does not consist of a hard and fast rule. Just follow the following steps to fetch the right course:

#1. Preparation For Career

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Choose a major that will help you in bringing the right career path on a table. Sometimes, you already know whether you wish to become a journalist, doctor and a nurse. Before you decide to pursue a particular course, take a class or two and get familiar with its requirements and how it would help you in the achievement of your goals. Go through the syllabus of the course and also talk to students of the same department.

#2. Check The Potential

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‘A good college earns you a good salary!’ It is an undeniable fact which has created varied problems for people who fail to fetch a renowned college for themselves. Apart from that, the majors that lead to the highest salaries include engineering, actuarial mathematics, computer science, physics, statistics, government, and economics. Also, you won’t be happy at the job you fetch if you forget the quality of life in mind. So, choose wisely!

#3. Choose Subjects You Love

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Students often pick subjects that are of their interest. And, they tend to get better marks and maintain sound relationships with people of their field. Suppose you like ‘Economics,' don’t leave it thinking about what the market has to offer or thinking about your graduate school. Just do what you love, and you will eventually perform better at work too.

#4. Explore And Explore

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Many students are not sure of what major to choose. Stephanie Balmer, dean of admissions at Dickinson College, suggests you take “classes in what you’re going to be confident, but at the same time, take some risks.” She notes that class you never planned to take could end up helping you choose your major.

#5. Shadow A Person Doing A Job

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You won’t get to know what you want to get into until you do internships of your interest or see someone doing what you wish to do.

Also, follow the mentioned tips to overcome the dilemma:

#1.    Test out majors by taking introductory courses.
#2.    Check degree requirements.
#3.    Reflect on what interests you.
#4.    Ask for help from advisers and those who know you well.
#5.    Follow your dreams
#6.    Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses
#7.    Attend seminars of the respective course

Have you tried the ideas mentioned above? Tell us about it. Comment on the box below to share your opinions and views with us!

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