High-Paying Jobs That Don't Require A College Degree

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High-Paying Jobs That Don't Require A College Degree

We all tend to hate our jobs after some point in time. In this scenario, the most common resort that people often see is to go and get a college degree. We all feel that stacking up college degrees in a way boosts our future prospects.

However, that is not entirely true. It is becoming increasingly clear that a four-year college degree doesn’t always guarantee us the job we always wanted. Neither does it ensure a really bright future. While some companies do acknowledge your academic qualifications, there are many things you can do with your life even without going through college. Not-to-forget, there are many high-paying jobs that you can get even without a formal college degree.

We take a look at some of the jobs that you can get without attending college.

Business Owner

Median Annual Wage: $51,470

Some people never want to be employees. For them, having their own business; big or small is the only way to be happy in life. Successful businesses need brilliant and unique ideas, not a college degree. So, if you have an idea that can change the world, don’t bother going to college.

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Network Specialist

Median Annual Wage: $59,090

It is not surprising that as the world starts to embrace technology, it will open up hundreds and thousands of jobs in the sector. To be a network specialist, you need to have ground-breaking interest and passion in computers, software, and instill strong interpersonal skills. These three things can be self-taught and you don’t need a college degree for this.

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Median Annual Wage: $59,840

If you think that you can change the world using your words or your paintings, then you can very well choose to follow your dreams and become an artist by profession. As long as you can write or draw unlike other people, no company would care about your academic credentials. You can choose to join any big company’s design department.

(Image Courtesy: Chicago Tribune)

Streetcar Operator

Median Annual Wage: $62,730

If you are behind the wheels of one of the busiest transport systems in the world, there is no reason that you’ll be paid less. Fortunately, becoming a streetcar or a subway operator doesn’t require a college degree as you learn everything on the job.

(Image Courtesy: Torontoist)

Web Developer

Median Annual Wage: $62, 500

Economists predict that there will be approximately 50,000 more jobs in the internet sector in the next 5 years than there are now. A successful website is the backbone of a successful business and if you can help organizations in creating wonderful websites, be assured that you’ll be compensated handsomely. Everyone knows Mark Zuckerberg and how he dropped out of college to create Facebook; we all know what happened from then on.

(Image Courtesy: Huffington Post)

Makeup Artist

Median Annual Wage: $64,450

As long your skills with the brush and those foundation bottles are tempting enough and as long as you can make not-so-pretty faces look enigmatic, you will be bringing a lot of cheese to your house in the evenings. You don’t need a college degree to make someone look beautiful. All you need is tremendous skills with your brush.

(Image Courtesy: QC Makeup Academy)

Commercial Pilot

Median Annual Wage: $73,280

If for some reason, you are not satisfied with the jobs before this, let’s elevate your pay a bit (literally). You can be a commercial pilot with a high school diploma under your belt. Being a commercial pilot requires a huge amount of knowledge, but most of it is learned on the job. As your hands get more experienced behind the sticks, your pockets will keep getting thicker.

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