Is it difficult for people with a college education to get good jobs where you live?

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Is it difficult for people with a college education to get good jobs where you live?

Getting a job these days is one hell lot of problem. In today's world, education serves the rightful in increasing the chances of getting employed. But it is not the case always. People opting for higher education are even left without a job at times. No doubt graduation is the primary step for getting a job, but considering the recent status, there is more competition in acquiring a decent job after graduation. 

So getting a graduation degree is not enough to qualify for a job. That is why a college education is not sufficient in several places to get a desirable and good job for sustenance. Considering the recent trend, several graduates are applying for jobs in metros across India, making it difficult to get a job even if their percentage is above 60, that is having a first class degree.

A city like Mumbai where I live, competition is on the peak. I remember after getting graduated in 2014 in Commerce, I didn’t find any suitable jobs that fit my profile. I was struggling over many posts, and getting the right post seemed like a distance step for me. Even though I was qualified with the right degree, a job was farfetched. What was the reason? In a commercial hub like Mumbai, getting a job should be easier as compared to other places. 

But sadly it is the other way round. Being a commercial hub, people taste the value of money much earlier than in other places. That greatly increases the competition on the ground level of education. No doubt pursuing a higher education might solve the issue. But that at times gets bounced back, as people or job recruiters consider over qualification as a demerit as they would have to pay more to them than the normal guy with an average qualification. Thus it is always a harder task to choose jobs that would yield better results in future.

Jobs in Private Sector is difficult because it demands experience on the first hand. Getting an experienced person to work for the company is rare, which is the reason companies prefer substituting freshers on this note. On the other hand, freshers who are desperate to get the job will get much lesser remuneration, after negotiation of wages, considered that they are not experienced. 

Thus companies play this kind of tricks to get employers at a lesser salary than their actual standard. Being experienced Is not always the required criteria for a particular job. Every company knows it. Freshers with knowledge in the preferred field can be given a bit training to get the true knowledge about their job. But companies always prefer talent at a considerably low price. That's the place where “need experience” tag comes into the picture. But at times genuine need of experienced people occur, but even then remuneration is not up to the mark of the experienced individual. 

Public sectors, on the other hand, have a decent status as far as a job is concerned. They pay the required amount that is needed at the very first step of career, and they even allow several allowances excluding the base salary which is a plus point. Private sectors give remuneration including allowances that are given with the overall salary package. Therefore Public Sectors are more preferable. But Public Sector jobs are not easy to crack. Considering the fact that several individuals line up each year to apply for the post, the selection process is quite harder as compared to Private Sectors. As a result, fewer candidates are shortlisted since the cut off generally remains higher. Therefore even with a relevant college degree in hand, a person either gets less remuneration in Private Sector or gets high competition in Public Sector. Thus the earning capacity is reduced and often people don’t choose to get employed.

Almost half of the population involving youngsters are working in such sectors that don’t require a college degree. The reason being, jobs that should have been in their list never came up because of the above-said facts. Some students even after graduating prefer part-time jobs as the money they get are good with the work-life balance. Nevertheless, full-time jobs require long shifts to be carried out with less remuneration and zero work life balance. Resulting in a positive approach to part-time jobs. 

The real problem lies in the fact that there is an imbalance in the supply and demand for certain skills in various fields. For instance, there is a limited number of demand for college category students in a particular field, but since every college graduate wants to apply for a job after college, the field gets overloaded with a huge supply. Thus resulting in more competition and less salary package. Even over education proves a hindrance when people who have done higher studies end up applying for the wrong job. 

This happens mostly because higher education jobs are not listed and are more difficult to find. Therefore people with higher education end up applying for the same jobs that the graduates apply and the cycle goes on. Going by all non-economic benefits given to a college education, it is regular to call too much education being a problem these days. But on the positive note women employment have increased on a high spree in recent years with high literacy rate.

Thus choosing the right job for a qualified professional with good grades is not an easy stuff these days. Gone are the days when graduating with a satisfying degree was considered enough for a secured job. Now everyone has to either adjust or stay unemployed and if not, have to face high competition in order to get the preferred job in the right sector.

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May be

Of course, education is in general to get knowledge. People go to school and college to get knowledge. It is not only the reason the main thing is to earn a degree we go to colleges. Now in this modern world, we will not get any good job without earning a good degree. So it has become a compulsory factor to go to college. Only by earning degree we could get a job only then we will get salary only by that we could live as our wish and lead a happy and peaceful life. So the first thing to have is earning a degree which would be obtained only by going to college. But now with the advancement of technology it has become possible to earn a degree by sitting at home by the online writing services and learning services available.

I have gone to college most of my life and have had a terrific time. I loved it, but I’m afraid that I have never made any money as a result of going to school whether liberal arts or vocational. And I have done both. Schools are warehouses meant to keep people from low-income background out of the way. Education is a great hobby; it will never enable you to make money. It is connections that enable you to earn money because you need capital and a track record, which can only be received via the help of someone on the inside. And most of us will never meet anybody on the inside who will lend us a hand with capital or a track record. I have had some really great teachers in college and in trade school and have had a lot of fun learning all sorts of things. But that’s just not enough. So don’t worry about the debt and take those classes and travel the world and the universe because it will make you an interesting person while drinking coffee with people who are in the same situation as you are except they’re still believing the trash being handed out by the big shots. It is amazing what one can do on minimum wage and temporary jobs with a little imagination

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