Relevance of Dreams

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Relevance of Dreams

Dreams are the most mysterious aspect of our lives. It is like traveling to an entirely different world or a dimension of your brain. What makes dreams even more intriguing is the behavioral pattern associated with it, like, moving or blabbering while we are dreaming. Most of the times we even tend to forget our dreams the moment we wake up.

While we are occupied either ignoring them or giving them premonition like traits, psychoanalysts over the time have given multifarious theories on dreams. However, major work in the domain of dreams has been pioneered by Doctor Sigmund Freud. He has discussed his detailed theory on dreams in his book titled “Interpretation of Dreams”.

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Different Levels Of Mind

Before you understand what dreams mean, you must know about this famous theory by the great Freud to understand what dreams are. 

He used the iceberg as a model for different levels of the brain, which are demarcated as, conscious, sub- conscious, and unconscious. Conscious constitutes all that we know about ourselves and our surroundings as a socially functioning human beings, while sub- conscious, on the other hand, includes the information that could be retrieved from the memory. Unconscious is the original repository of all our repressed desires and interpersonal conflicts which we do not intend to confront. We have a tendency of pushing all the untamed desires into the unconscious mind, and they come back to us only in symbolic forms or behavioral patterns.

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Unconsciousness And Dreams

Dreams are the representative of whatever is stuffed into the unconscious level of our brain. Freud described dreams as “the royal road to the unconscious.” As per the Freudian approach, the repressed repository of the unconscious is brought back to life in the symbolic form of dreams. Dreams have that wish fulfillment attribute in them and enable our brain to resolve the interpersonal conflicts. While we sleep, the primitive impulses and disputes are censored by the pre-conscious and passed onto the conscious in a distorted form. However, when the primitive trespass begins acquiring a severe form, this results in an alarming sensation and a prompt waking up to the outer world.

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Some Most Common Dreams And Their Interpretations

We, as dreamers, must remember that no single definition can be given to a particular kind of dream. It always depends on your past and present circumstances that determine the kind of conflict and impulses you may have. However, these wider interpretations of some common dreams may be used to reach out to your unconscious:-

#1. Animals- Dreams about animals may be symbolic of your survival instincts, some for of aggression, or fear. It may also be a representative of your primordial sexual desires. However, interpretations may vary from the kind and form of animal you see.

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#2. Chase- Another common dream is that you are being chased. It may imply that you are either threatened or are avoiding a particular situation.

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#3. Death- It is erroneously believed by many that to dream the death of a loved one is a devious premonition. The death of a near one may either symbolize a change, or you may only be lacking a particular trait peculiar to that person.

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#4. The Fall- The dream of falling accompanied by a feeling of fear is usually symbolic of losing control over an individual situation. It may also be an embodiment of a failure that may have left an unknowingly profound impact on you.

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#5. Missing that important flight- Another common dream is that of missing a flight or a train. This is usually is a representative of any opportunity you may have missed in life.

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#6. Nudity- A dream where you see yourself naked implies your vulnerability to a situation. You may be having a fear of being exposed.

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#7. Water- Water is usually associated with your emotional state of mind and your spiritual position. The interpretation may vary from the form of water you see. A calm pool of water symbolizes spiritual harmony, while a turbulent water body may suggest otherwise.

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