How to increase your memorizing skills?

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How to increase your memorizing skills?

Before you start learning the tips and tricks to enhance your memory, let’s debunk some popular myths

  • - Once you start ageing, your memory starts to slip
  • - Brain growth peaks during early adulthood and starts to diminish there on
  • - There is an age bar to develop your brain power

None of the above statements are true. With a little help, you can unlatch the full potential of your brain at your fingertips.

Here are some tips to sharpen your mind and boost your brain power:

Exercise well and exercise often

Any regular physical activity - running, fast walks, cycling or swimming will help you remember things better. When your heart rate increases, the blood flow to your brain increases, thus helping in the secretion of neurotrophic factor (a protein responsible for long-term memory).

Develop a healthy sleep pattern

Experts agree that a healthy sleeping pattern is key to a healthy functioning of a brain. As a standard, get seven to eight hours of sleep every day. And yes, naps do count.

Introduce a brain-boosting diet

Essential nutrients and compounds are necessary for a sharp memory. These superfoods if added to your daily diet will give perk up your brain activity - broccoli, cauliflower, celery, walnuts, eggs, salmon, spinach and other dark green leafy vegetables.

Get into a habit of writing

If you’ve a tendency to miss out or forget those mundane tasks at home or at your workplace, develop a habit of penning down all your tasks. Once you get into a habit of writing, ‘forgetfulness’ will be history.

Consider brain supplements

There are plentiful variants of brain supplements readily available in the OTC markets, but why take a risk? Natural is always beautiful. Natural brain boosters like fish oil, green tea, ginseng, rosemary, turmeric are known to stimulate brain activity, promote clarity and strength.

Indulge in brain games

According to research, people involved in cognitive activities tend to delay their ageing process. Solving crosswords, playing cards, puzzles, memorising song lyrics or even reading daily will help to keep your brain active and fit.

It’s really that simple. Ready to up your game? Be brain fit and make memory your super-power. 

Answers (2)

"Give your brain a workout,
Don't skip the physical exercise,
Get your Zs,
Make time for friends,
Keep stress in check,
Have a laugh,
Eat a brain-boosting diet,
Identify and treat health,problems,
Take practical steps to support, learning and memory "

Almonds are also good.

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