How to Make your Child more Thoughtful?

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How to Make your Child more Thoughtful?

The foundations of a man are laid in his childhood. The values and knowledge he acquires in his childhood decide how the person is going to be in the future. Is the person going to be stubborn? Is the person going to be empathetic? Is the person going to be a leader? Is he going to be a follower? We all inherit some of our traits from our genes and some we acquire from our environment. A child’s upbringing is responsible for what qualities he/she inherits. If a child observes aggression around him, it is quite possible that the child will get a hold of the same. So it is very important that the child catches loving and supporting environment around him.

Parenting is not easy. It is as complex as giving birth, and it does not end when your child grows up. Your responsibility as their parents will remain till they have a family of their own. But nobody was born with parenting skills. We become parents the moment we hold a baby in our hands. The feeling is so precious, and the experience of having a baby is unforgettable and incomparable, that it is amazing. A parent would not want to lose the blessing of being called a parent, but if your child loses his direction, then you may lose your child forever. According to a report conducted in 2015 on a sample of youth in grades 9 to 12, 16.2% were reported carrying a weapon (gun, knife or club) on one or more days in the 30 days preceding the survey in school. Do you know if your child is lying to you? Creating an environment of love and affection is not enough for the right development of the child. So as parents your responsibility is not restricted to only sending them to schools and providing them with food and shelter but it is also your duty to help them become good humans. It is also necessary that the child receives extra wisdom from his parents about what is right and what is wrong. A child needs to be thoughtful.

What Is Thoughtfulness?

Thoughtfulness is the quality of a person who considers other people’s feeling. Being careful or mindful of other people’s feelings and requirements makes a person thoughtful like when you are eating a bag of chips, and you offer it to people around you then that is being thoughtful. When you do something special for your partner because you realize how much they do for you, then that is being thoughtful. It is simply caring about other people’s feeling and acknowledging their efforts for you. Thoughtfulness is also reflective of being occupied with thought. 

A thought that requires you to think deeply about thinking about the ways you can make your child a thoughtful person. Your child should learn to be thoughtful as well, so it behaves properly with people around it. Its behavior will affect the behavior of other kids around or vice versa. To maintain a healthy social environment in our society we all require our children, the future of the nation, to become better humans. Let us now take a walk through how you can make your child more thoughtful.

#1. Teach Your Children

The first and the foremost step should be that you teach your child to be thoughtful. Sit with your children after taking out time from your busy schedules to teach them what does thoughtfulness mean? Ascertain that your children understand you clearly. Teach them through giving examples like tell them how last night you cooked their favorite meal because they scored good grades in school. Your children should learn to be sensitive towards all humans and animals without any bias. Educate them to say “sorry” and “thank you” whenever they make mistakes or receive someone’s help respectively. Cultivating such habits will give them insight as to how small words can mend hearts.

#2. Role Model

Before you teach your children to be more thoughtful, it is necessary that you adopt the quality of thoughtfulness yourself. Our children learn from what they see around them and the most influential people primarily are their parents and their teachers secondly. So, be their role model and show them that you mean what you say, this way your child will also understand the meaning of promises and acting on something you believe in. Your child needs personal attention even if your child goes to school. The education system is not so efficient to teach every single student the moral and ethical values. Therefore, your child needs individual tutoring.

#3. Sunday - Fun Day

Sunday is the day when you and your children are free to take out time and plan activities that would teach them some lessons while having fun. This is the best way to teach children about things they would not be interested in otherwise. Ask them to talk to people and your relatives because when they open up to other people, there are chances they will not become anti-social. There are various activities through which you can teach your children to be thoughtful. Involve your children in all the activities below.

#1. Pack a bag of clothes that you and your children do not wear anymore and donate them to those in need. This way your children will understand the importance of what we have and what can be given away.

#2. Visit the grandparents or if they do not have grandparents then take your children to any old-age home so that they learn to respect the old people.

#3. Bake cakes for the neighbors and takes the help of your kids in the preparation. After you have baked the cake, ask your children to deliver them to the neighbors.

#4. If you have pets, then make your children take care of them like giving them food or taking them for a walk.

#5. You can cook a meal for the homeless and visit them with your children, so they learn the value of food and family.

#6. Ask your children to make apology cards or thank you cards for their friends at school.

#7. You can also make your children serve food to their siblings.

#8. Ask them to help a blind cross a road.

#4. Books

Books are a man’s best friend so buy a lot of inspirational and developmental books for your children and read those to them every night. If you cannot read it to them, then make them read the books themselves. Reading books will not only invoke good thoughts in their minds, but it will also make them good readers and writers. Their grades will also improve through this habit. Book will teach thoughtfulness, tolerance, sympathy, kindness, and compassion to your children. All of these qualities are what makes a person a good human. The point is not that you have to teach them to be good humans but also make them smart so that they do not fall into the trap of the wrong people. A good person is who is a good citizen. Inform your kids about the rules and regulations every citizen needs to follow. Citizens have certain responsibilities which should be taught to your children as that would make them responsible and obeying children.

#5. Creative Classes

Introduce your children to painting, singing, dancing or any form of art. Involvement with the art will help your child think creatively, and the results will be that your child will become a bright student. Their problem-solving skills will improve, and the ability to think about complex issues will increase. Researchers at the University of North Carolina found that happiness and creativity go hand in hand. The young adults who were found doing something creative were more active and happy as compared to others. Hence, creativity is a requisite for your young children.

#6. Reduce Stress

The lives of young children can be as stressful as the lives of adults. For them coping with stress can be harder than us because they are not responsible and they do not know what should be done to reduce stress. In this case, it is your responsibility as parents to know if your child is stressful and the deal with their stress. Children can be very tricky to handle; they may not express their emotions so you will have to make it a habit of talking to them at the end of every day. You can also tell about your experience of the day and then ask them theirs. It will build trust between you two. Remember you need to talk to them like a friend and behave like a friend. 

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There are many practices that we as parents can use to make our children more thoughtful. But the question is why do we need to make our children more thoughtful? What are the benefits of being thoughtful? Being thoughtful makes a person considerate about other people’s feelings so when a person is thoughtful he/she becomes empathetic. The person becomes sensitive towards other’s emotions. This person inculcates compassion for other people. Such people can become good leaders and can reach the paramount in their careers. A person who is thoughtful is also creative. A creative person stays more active and sorted in life. Not only children but adults too need to be thoughtful. It just takes a second to be thoughtful. We can open doors for strangers who are carrying some burden. It would just take a few seconds to be thoughtful for someone. Being thoughtful is also healthy. When you help someone you feel happy and happiness is health. When you feel good about having done something right, hormones like oxytocin and dopamine are released that are responsible for feelings of excitement in a person. These hormones make your happy and your stress gets relieved. We all lead a stressful life which can sometimes become the origin of diseases. You may have developed headaches and hypertension issues because of your stressful life so it is very important to adopt a lifestyle that keeps you pleased. Thoughtfulness makes you kind and compassionate in a lot of ways which is beneficial for you. When you become kind and thoughtful for others your relationships with other people become stronger. The strong bond you create with other people in these ways stay longer than usual. The trust between the two will cobble together your relationship through every fall in the path that you cross. When we start doing the right things we build a positive perception of the people around us. Also, when you consider someone else’s feelings it is expected that the other person will do the same for you. The other person will realize that you care for them so they will also mull over your efforts for them. We will be creating a better world by being thoughtful. All the prejudices and biases will be over at least for the people who are thoughtful. It will be a good beginning for a better society. Another thing is that when we start understanding other people it becomes easier for us to tackle difficult people. If someone is being rude to you then you will know how to handle that person. We build up a tolerance and therefore we stay calm in situations that may not be in our favor. Anger will not direct our mind and our relationships will improve. We start respecting people for who they are and we also start respecting ourselves for becoming an advanced version of self. Our confidence is enhanced and our worth develops in other people’s opinion. The feeling of outshining your own self will be extraordinary.

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