How to practice Positive Self-Talk?

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How to practice Positive Self-Talk?

Every human being, as a result of practice, has the habit of talking to oneself, be it in mind or vocally. Self-talk is a very intrinsic part of every individual. Usually, the things that we repeat over and over again in our minds are the set of messages on which we think for the longest time. These set of messages then play over and over again in our minds. Subsequently, this personal commentary or personal dialogue frames our notions and reactions in different circumstances of life. Self-talk is very important to maintain the state of equilibrium in our minds.

It is important to note that too often the self-talk that we practice or have developed is primarily negative. It is based upon the incidents that have left a negative impact on our lives, be it a childhood experience or something that has happened relatively recently. It could also be about people we dislike or some sort of negative reactions they have garnered for you that diminished the way you felt about yourself. As a practice of self-talk, we tend to garner these negative emotions in our minds by playing them over and over again. As a result, they never get erased from our minds and leave very deep imprints of negativity. Such a practice also result in arousing the fear of guilt anger, hopelessness, and remorse.

Self-talk leaves a huge impact on one's thoughts and ideas. It has a direct influence on the way a person feels about itself. If you are one of those who has been continuously playing the record of self-limiting beliefs in your mind, then it can reinforce a very self-deprecating image of yourself and the damage done can have really disastrous consequences. However, the problem is that most of the times we are not even aware of the ongoing talk as most of it happens in the subconscious mind. As a result, many people think that our thoughts are beyond our control and one cannot really change how one indulges in self-talk. However, this is not the case. One can always adopt positive self-talk by practicing positive thoughts over and over again before the brain finally internalizes it and makes it a habit. This can be done by changing one's perception and outlook towards life and then practicing positive thoughts.

7 Tips To Practice Positive Self-Talks

#1. Refrain From Negative Thoughts

In order to indulge in positive self-talk, it is very important to realize the importance of refraining from any negative thoughts. Be it towards yourself or some other person, garnering a negative feeling can never be good for your mental health. However, the sad part is that human beings tend to indulge in negative self-talk quite often. Gradually, it becomes a habit and all one is left with is a lot of mental stress and negative self-talk. In such cases, one's brain is always preoccupied with negative behavior. In order to practice positive self-talk, one needs to leave some room for it and cut from all kinds of negative behavior. This will help the person to garner positive feelings towards oneself and others.

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#2. Find The Causes Of Negative Self-talk

In order to root out negative self-talk and indulge in more positive and nourishing self-talk sessions, it is very important to identify the factors that have built them negative thoughts. It could be due to a bad childhood experience that has left a deep impact on the way you think or could be due to unsupportive family and friends. Other some common factors that instill negative self-talk are bad office environment, inefficiency to do something, low self-esteem and more This can also result from being surrounded by negative people. In order to escape the cycle of negative self-talk, one should always try to find the reasons behind that negative behavior and work on it. Surround yourself with positive people. Not only are they positive themselves but they will also help you in adopting a more positive approach.

#3. Use More Affirmative Words/Sentences

The most important and the most effective step of adopting a positive behavior and positive self-talk is by using more positive words while talking to others and oneself. For example instead of saying things like " I always fail," "Nothing goes right," one should use sentences like "I think I can do this. I just need some practice", "I think I should make some changes in my life to make it better." Sentences like these can help you a long way to inculcate positive self-talk. So, next time if you are running late for office, stop telling yourself, " I am late. Boss will be angry at me". Instead of this, try to practice positive self-talk such as " I should inform the office in advance that I will be in late." This is a way of telling yourself that you have not created any blunder and it will not have a very disastrous impact on you. Our subconscious mind reacts the way in which we send signals to our brain. If we continuously indulge in negative self-talk then, there is a greater possibility of a negative course of action awaiting us. Similarly, if we use positive words and be less harsh on oneself, then it will help us a lot in practicing positive self-talk and create a positive impact on the brain.

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#4. Practice

Now, when you have realized the importance of a positive self-talk, you should keep on practicing it until it becomes a habit. You will face some struggle in the initial phase but if you will continue to practice no matter what then after a certain point in time, it will become a habit and you will only engage in positive self-talk. This will not only be good for your own mental health but will also help others as you will emit a lot of positive energy. Sometimes the fear of stepping out of your comfort zone holds you back from taking chances in your life. Confront your fears, break them down and stop them from causing damage to your state of being. Look at your fears positively and practice positive self-talk to break them down.

#5. Focus On The Good Things In Life

In order to develop positive self-talk, it is very important to focus on the good things in life. It will change your perception and approach towards things. You will no longer feel wronged and downtrodden. In fact, by adopting a positive approach in your life, you are actually helping yourself in climbing that ladder of success in long run. Therefore, one should always focus on the good things in life and cling to them. It will make you feel good about your life and remind you time and again that your life is not just a bed of thorns but also includes roses in it. If you have a good approach towards life, then you will always indulge in positive self-talk as it comes very naturally with good perception.

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#6. Write Down 3 Positive Things A Day

Despite a lot of struggle, if you still find it difficult to engage in positive self-talk then the best you can do to make it a habit is write 3 positive things a day and make it a practice. This will help you to identify the positive things around you in a proactive manner. This is a very good exercise for people who have long been indulging in negative behavior. Such people are unable to find positive things around them because they have always internalized bad thoughts and practiced them over and over again. Therefore, if you will write 3 positive things a day then you will be surprised to come across many and after a point of time, the list will become quite exhaustive. This helps a person to garner positive approach towards life and things and help in engaging in a more positive self-talk keeping bad thoughts aside.

#7. Let Go

It is very important not to hold grudges for long against anyone. People who find it difficult to let go someone else's negative behavior and let it affect them in the long run often end up in indulging in a lot of negative self-talk which causes a lot of damage to their mental set up. Instead of causing harm to oneself, one should always let the bad and the negative things go on one's life and engage in more positive self-talk. This is very important to exercise positive self-talk and even behavior. If you do not let things go away easily then the chances are that you will never be able to be happy and satisfied in your life. Therefore, let things go and engage in more positive self-talk sessions. It will nurture your life and bring a lot of positivity with itself.

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Wow, your article is pretty good. Nowadays people are getting very negative because they watch spend times on TV, watching TV shows, news, gossips involvement etc. But your post is great and self-talk is necessary. 

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