How to stop Being Late All The Time?

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How to stop Being Late All The Time?

Punctuality is one of those attributes that can take you a long way in your life. It not only shows how much respect you have for time but other people as well. When you arrive late for a pre-planned or scheduled appointment, it gives away an impression that you either do not respect the other person or their time and you consider your time more important than anybody else’s.

Being on time is important whether you talk about your professional life or personal. Be it a meeting with a client or business partners or going out for a movie with best friends, you do not want to keep people waiting for you. It can lead to loss of significant business opportunities as well as close relationships.

Do you have trouble being on time? Have you made an image for yourself of that person who is always late for events? Well, it is the time that you stopped being late and get over your habit of making people wait. But we are not just going to push you to make a change to the way you have been doing things so far. We are going to tell you how exactly to do it. So, are you ready to know the secret of how to stop being late? Find out below.

#1. Give Yourself Time to Get Ready

The most common reason that we are late is that we do not give ourselves enough time to get ready. Or, we think that we can get ready in no time, but when the actual time comes, we are back to our old antics and getting ready at our own pace like we have all the time in the world. Instead, what we should start doing is observe how much time we usually take to get ready when we are going to a major event and plan according to that in future.

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#2. Refrain From Accepting Invitations You Cannot Fit Into Your Schedule

You may believe that you will face no trouble adjusting just another event in your schedule, but that is not always the case. If your schedule is already jam-packed, then you are only going to disappoint people by not arriving on time or not showing up at all. If you are planning to go somewhere important, then you can remove something insignificant or less important from your schedule to make time for this new event. Too many things to do at a time can also leave you overwhelmed and even cause stress and anxiety. It is better to refrain from accepting invitations that you cannot fit into your schedule.

#3. Identify What Is Making You Late All The Time

More times than not, there are clear reasons as to why we are always getting late. You may be taking too much time to get ready. Or, perhaps you are just not motivated enough to be on time whenever you are invited to someplace. But whatever the reason may be, the first step is to figure out where exactly you are lacking. Then only you can overcome the problem and correct it from there.

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#4. Allow Time For The Journey

Do you think you can get anywhere in no time? Does the clock in your mind run too slow? Well, don’t you think the time to finally get your clock straight has come? Often we get late because we do not measure the right time it would take us to reach the venue of an event. Then, even if we leave at the right time as we planned, traveling takes us more time than we expected and we are late once again. Also, factors like traffic and rest have to be taken into consideration when you want to be somewhere at the right time.

#5. Stop Making Excuses For Yourself

One reason that you have not been able to overcome your tendencies to be late all the time could be because you are always making excuses for yourself. You were late for your nephew’s birthday because you found too much traffic on the way and you were late for a meeting because you had to take care of a client. Well, these are excuses you have made to show that it was not really your fault that you got late. You will start being on time when you stop making excuses for yourself and start taking responsibilities for your actions. Once you feel the guilt of being late, you will try harder to be on time in the future.

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#6. Keep Time For Contingencies

Whenever you are planning to be somewhere, always take contingencies into account. Best-case scenarios do sound nice, but things rarely go as we plan. You can have a flat tyre when you are driving somewhere or find traffic on the road. There are a plethora of things that could go wrong. We understand that it is good to stay positive in life but contemplating bad things that could happen can help you be prepared. 

#7. Avoid Useless Activities That Take Too Much Time

What happens with many, in fact, most of us is that we spend our crucial time in activities that are not so essential and then we are left with too less of it for things that are vital. If you want to stop being late and start always being on time from this moment forward, then you have to learn about time management and one of the most important ideas of time management is focusing on crucial activities and avoiding insignificant ones, if possible. So, if there are one or more things that you can avoid but haven’t been, then it is time to ignore them completely and take a look at what is more important in life.

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#8. Schedule Everything

People who schedule everything are never late. They know where they are going to be at what moment and what will they be doing. Their idea of life is clear. They do not indulge in things that are not important and everything they do or do not, has a reason, a valid reason behind it. If you are never able to be on time, then perhaps it is the time that you started making and maintaining a schedule for yourself. Once you start following it, soon you will find yourself being able to be on time even without a schedule.

#9. Consider Consequences Of Being Late

Yes, being late can have its consequences. For instance, if you are going for an interview, then being late can make a negative impression on the interviewer and make them think that you have no respect for time. Or, if you are meeting friends, they could just leave without you if you make them wait too long. Also, being late on a regular basis can give you an image of the person who is always late and your friends might even choose not to invite you the next time they plan to hang out together.

#10. Be On Time Out Of Respect

If not for anything else, try to be on time out of respect for the people. If you have ever waited for somebody, then you would have a slight idea about how embarrassing it can be to wait for somebody. You know, right? So imagine how the people who are always waiting for you would be feeling. These are not just random strangers but are your friends, family members, business associates or other people you are associated with, in your professional or personal capacities. Understand that you are disrespecting them the next time you make them wait.

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Well, so these are some things that you can do to learn to be on time. You have to understand that being late can have serious negative effects on your professional as well as your personal life. While it can drive your clients away, it can also make your friends annoyed of you, forcing them to leave you out when making plans. We hope that this article will help you in understanding the need for being on time and also help you learn how exactly you can stop being late all the time.

Has it? It is time to tell us through your comments. Also, share with us how exactly do you keep yourself from being late. You can use the dedicated comment box below. We would love to hear what you have to say.

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