How to Style Your Beard for a Suit?

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How to Style Your Beard for a Suit?
For some men, wearing a beard can make them stand out and look stylish. According to a study conducted by US-based research firm Mintel, more than half of American men 18 – 34 years old have either a beard or stubble. Some men have the belief that they will look more stylish when they have facial hair. It is now common to see bearded men in banks as well as in the boardroom. Back in the days, it was limited to newsrooms and advertising agencies. 

However, it can become out of place when you are wearing suits in a formal or cocktail event. Some guys think that they cannot wear a formal dress without having to shave their beard. The good news is that they can retain their beard when attending formal gatherings. The good news is that wearing a beard is already accepted in the corporate world. Although you can always experiment as far as your beard hair is concerned, you need to bear in mind about certain rules in styling your beard for wearing a suit. Here are some tips on how you can look dashing on a suit with a beard.

Pare Down
When wondering how to grow a beard and still able to wear a suit, you would want to maintain a contrast between your beard and the hair on your head. Your main objective is for your haircut to offset the beard. If you have long hair and do not want to cut it, apply wax or a light hold cream. This will result in a smooth hair at the back and in place. Another option is to get a haircut with a sharper side and a shorter top. 
Master the Fade 
Sometimes it can become tricky when the hair grows and becomes out-of-control. It can look wild and unkempt. You can remedy the situation by tapering the sides from the cheekbones all the way to the haircut. Try it yourself with a trimmer with several guard settings. Begin with the longest guard and work your way down until you get your desired look. However, you can save yourself from the hassle by letting your barber do it.

Mind the Mustache

If you have a mustache, make sure that you keep it streamlined. Your objective is for the upper lip line to be as tidy as possible. If you have a long mustache, you can simply apply a balm using your index finger in order to allow smooth movement from the centerline to the corners of your hair. You would look better though with a shorter mustache. Have your barber trim your mustache where it meets the upper lip. Rein in Flyaways
For most men, their focus is to maintain the perimeters of their beard neat. However, one of the reasons for a sloppy beard is the frizz resulting from the wispy stragglers that would not lay flat and seemingly growing differently compared to the rest of the hair. To achieve a more gentrified appearance, create an even terrain. When you have achieved tidy edges, you can finish it off by cutting the flyaway hair that is sticking out. You can comb your entire beard so that your hair will achieve full extension and will stay in the same direction. Alternatively, you can comb the hair out and away from your face. If there are one or two rogue hairs, you can trim them so that their length will match that of the rest.
Know your product
There are many products in the market that can help you style your beard. You can choose between a pomade or a beard balm. However, the latter is not recommended. While they can help in moisturizing the skin underneath your beard and prevent itchiness, beard balms are not effective in giving you the desired hold for your beard that a styling product can do. So that the beard will not look weighed down, apply the balm only on the hairy surface. Apply a dime-sized amount of the pomade in your hands and lightly tap the edges of your beard. This will give your beard a sculpted look that can pair well with a linen suit as much as it does with your surfing gear,
Beard oil or balm is not designed for all men with beard. It is for those who have thick beard hair as it keeps the beard hair moisturized and keeps stray hair from flying away. You do not want these hairs to show up in the middle of an important presentation or meeting. Likewise, you can buy a wide range of Indian beard-grooming brands online.
Buying beard grooming products is very important. It is worth noting that the skin under the beard is quite sensitive. At the same time, it requires more maintenance as it can expose your face to dirt and dryness.
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