How to tackle being a Single Mom?

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How to tackle being a Single Mom?

While discussing the topic about single mothers, people often take that into a negative connotation. A single mother is usually seen as not a very strong woman in the society. It is claimed that the woman who has taken the initiative to raise a child on her own must be in a challenging situation. However, that is certainly a wrong portrayal of a woman. The woman who, instead of backing out or depending on someone, took charge for her and her child should be appreciated rather than disgraced. If she’s single-handedly doing all the work without any help and is amazing at her job, then she ought to an inspiring woman even for men.

In most cases, we hear that single mothers are criticized by society, misunderstood and sometimes projected with bad light. They are content in themselves, but we as a society don’t provide them enough freedom and opportunities that they can actually explore themselves in the best manner possible. So in order to fill the gap in this bridge, we need to understand their perspective and what they feel is right for them. Perhaps, you have wondered how they feel and what difficulties they might be facing. So we are laying it all for all those brave and respected single moms. They shouldn’t be looked down upon. Instead, some humans in the society actually deserve a round of applause. They are stronger than most men and let us now see what things that can help them grow even more and tackle the society who have false assumptions about them.

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#1. Keep Up Your Social Life

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A single mom’s life is only fixed into office and her kid is what the society expects. But why? Go out with your girlfriends and say yes to those pedicure appointments again. You deserve that all. As a single parent, you need to there for your kid emotionally and physically until the time the child is not in the age to understand and tackle things by itself. But it is important not to feel sorry for yourself and not to become a recluse at all. Having a night out once in a while or going out for a movie even with your beautiful kids won’t harm. Apart from your responsibilities and conditions being the only parent, you should invest time in meeting people and exploring everything as much as you can. If you don’t feel like meeting people at all and just investing time with your baby gives you pleasure then you should force yourself of course. However, if you like going out, you shouldn’t restrict yourself either. Keep up with your social life and stay positive with doing what makes you happier.

#2. Excel In Work Ethics

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As a single parent, the priority is to earn enough to meet all the basic needs that your kid wants. However, the even better thing is to excel in whatever you do professionally. That will not only help you to break the stereotype that society usually has about single moms but also improve your financial condition. This will allow you to get a hold of your life easier. Since you are the only person taking care of the expenses of your child, you need to find a suitable job for yourself so that it gives you time to spend with your kid as well. Doing so will also inspire other people around you and your child as well for that matter. This schedule will allow you to go out, keep yourself busy and your mind will be away from the irrelevant misconceptions of society. Great work ethics will provide you the stability that your life needs at that time as a single mother. This will also ensure that being a single parent is not a weakness for you; it is rather a strength for you and your child.

#3. Dating Is Absolutely Fine

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Of course, you are a single mother first, so you definitely need to take care of your child first. But when your kid is grown enough, you can enjoy your life as well. Dating is certainly a juggling act at this stage, but it is obviously doable. It will take you a good amount of time to get into a flare of your life again. But, once it was done there is no harm in enjoying the feeling of being in love again. It is never certain that if love disappointed you for the first time, you will face failure again. You should never stop giving yourself a chance again. The life doesn’t get over, and you have all the time and values to date someone, again (if that is in your kid’s favor or it is not negatively affecting them). You can wine and dine with a person you desire like any other single lady. It is refreshing for your life, and you should occasionally go on dates. Taking a break for yourself and enjoying a super exciting date night will cheer you up. It is a pretty off-limit scenario but taking a chance will never harm. You might end up becoming a pair of the parent.

 #4. Talk About The Absent Parent

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Nobody more than a single mom can understand that raising a baby alone is not an easy task. Sometimes the fathers are involved, sometimes not at all. In any case, it does not unburden the single mothers from their responsibilities. However, don’t tolerate this pain all alone. If you feel like talking, talk. If you want to share the pain with your Physiatrist, share. But do not take all the pain alone and suffer because that will affect you mentally, emotionally and physically. In order to raise a child alone, you need to be motivated not discouraged. So talk to your close people who can walk through with you when needed. Even when your child asks about their fathers, honestly answer them and tell them the truth that they deserve to know. Making up stories about the absent parent will be worse for the future as someday the child will find out the truth. So sharing will be beneficial and it will maintain a healthy relationship. The kids will respect you, even more, when they are aware of the truth. They will be inspired from you and what can be better for you as a parent.

#5. When You Need Help, Ask For It

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No matter how much we talk about being positive and motivated, there are enough problems for a single mother. Let us not forget the fact that eventually a single person is taking care of a child and that is not practically easy. So even if you need help, do not hesitate to ask for it. Depend on your support network and never feel alone. You are certainly not alone when you have your family and friends to support you whenever you need. Feeling lonely can make the situations worse and mentally torcher you sometimes. Spend time with your parents and friends as much as you can, at least initially. Being a single mom, soon you will get the hang of it. Make sure to keep in touch with your loved ones. This will cheer you up and ensure your child that there are people for them taking care of them.

#6. Keep Yourself Occupied

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When your life is immensely interrupted because of the mishappening during the separation, you should keep yourself as occupied as possible. Be it with your kid or hanging out with friends and family. Even your workplace can help you in that phase. Keeping yourself busy will allow you to maintain a distance from the negative thoughts that come to mind after such torturous situation. Take care of your child, work endlessly, go out, entertain and pamper yourself or date for that matter. It will keep you occupied of course, but will also ensure that you have not stopped growing even after this situation. Dealing with such an event can be or surely is a life changing experience for any human being, especially for a woman. So try and focus on growing you otherwise society and other negative aspects will drag you down. In a situation of being a single mother, you can afford to lag behind.

The woman with such inspiring spirit is an epitome of humanity and should be appreciated and praised in every manner possible. Sometimes, it is hard to believe that those women belong to the same species as we are because they have unmatched power and bravery that is beyond imagination. If you have any experience regarding this to share, do let us know and comment down below.

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