How to Take Care of Succulents?

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How to Take Care of Succulents?

Are you fond of plants? Do you love to decorate your home with plants? Have you been wishing for a long time to decorate your place with plants? Do you know the best options for plants for your home garden?

If you have been looking for plants that are beautiful for home decoration, you really need to try succulents. They are hugely in demand and loved by most people. If you already have these at home, you already know how beautiful they are. The best aspect of this plant is the fact that you can choose to have them as an indoor plant or even outdoor plant. Another aspect of this plant that you need to keep in mind is the fact that, you will have to take sufficient care of this plant in case you choose to decorate your place with them. There are specific things you will have to follow in order to keep them beautiful and strong. Here are a few ways in which you can take care of your succulents. This will be helpful for all those who already have these plants as well those who are looking at bringing them home.

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How To Take Care Of Your Indoor Succulents?

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#1. One of the essential things you will need to do is to plant your succulents in a pot that drains out the water. They are not accustomed to wet soil. If you leave them in wet soil for long, they will surely contract some disease or rot, in worst cases it may die. Less moisture and high temperature are what these plants are naturally accustomed to.

#2. The kind of soil you choose is important; succulents will require a soil that drains well. Soil that retains water for a long period of time is an absolute no for this plant.

#3. You need to provide a good amount of sunlight to these plants. Succulents belong to warm regions; they are very used to warm sunlight. It will be important to keep them out in the sunlight for at least around half a day or place them in such a spot where it is exposed to sunlight.

#4. Although it is important to drain out the excess water, at the same time you will have to make sure you provide sufficient water to your succulents. Do not just sprinkle water over them with the aim of not leaving them over moist. You will have to make sure you supply sufficient amount of water to them at least once a week.

#5. You will have to make an effort to maintain the temperature of the space you choose to keep your plant in. They need a warm temperature throughout. Even during the winter months, you will have to provide them with sufficient heat.

How To Take Care Of Your Out Door Succulents?

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#1. Since you are keeping them outdoors it becomes convenient to supply them with natural sunlight. Choose a spot outdoors where there is ample amount of natural sunlight.

#2. While watering them, do not pour water directly on the leaves, and instead, pour a good amount of water on the soil. Directly pouring water on the soil will keep the leaves dry.

#3. Make sure you bring them inside in the winter season. It is one of those exotic plants and many of such fancy plants do not survive in harsh winters. You will have to keep them inside the house in a comparatively warm spot. if you live in a country that has really harsh winters, you surely will have to make preparations to keep these plants warm during the winter months.

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Happy gardening!

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In present times, when there is so much chaos and bad vibes in the world, we need beautiful plants at our homes for decoration to enhance our mood. As cute they look, they don’t always make the best plants for indoors. But if you love them then you should grow or take care of them anyway.  Also you must remember if you choose succulents that desire low lightning will make a huge difference in your garden at home that is indoors. Like Haworthias and Gasteraloes are two categories of succulents that do especially well indoors. What do you think?
In cold winters, don’t forget to bring in your succulent plant inside of your home. It will actually be a good thing if u get them inside. Most of the dormant are sleep during the time of winters. Though the cold period is good for your succulent plants to produce better and bloom in the seasons of spring and summer.   When these plants are kept indoors, it is often very hard for them to gain sunlight. They need at least 6 hours of sunlight a day to produce better.
You may like to keep your plants as close to your window but be careful they should not get sunburned from the light that arrives from the sun. This generally happens with most plants who face towards south facing windows. You could also water them but less often.
Many people will tell you that these plants don’t require much water but that’s a false alarm and you must get to know it in time. Nonetheless, there is one more fact that should be adhered by that is don’t over water them..that could lead them to their death. Succulents like to have their roots soaked with water but then dry out quickly. If you drench their soil every day, they could die from too much water. On the other hand, a simple spray with light water could kill them too. Adequate water is required which is neither more nor less.
If you plan on giving your plants too much water then the soil gets too wet. Let it dry out quickly before you put water again. Dont use a spray bottle or water them daily.
If you plan on keeping them indoors the entire year, you wont get to see much variations in their temperature till the time they are not placed near the right window.They generally like to be warm during the summers and cool during the winters.

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