Infographics Creation - Do’s and Don’ts

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Infographics have existed for a long time now, but lately, they've again come to the limelight as a solution to convey comprehensive information. Readers too have always been attracted to visuals, we certainly make it a point to check out any attractive image or at least take a look!!

Infographics, when used for content marketing, should be planned properly to present data in visually. Data in Bar graphs and charts forms can be presented, however, this types of infographics might not be as appealing and interesting as other innovative types of graphics that can be used to represent a certain data.

The aim is to make the targeted audiences understand the data without having them to read long texts. Although the infographics might be appealing and attractive from the visual perspective, what if the data is not accurate and precise? What if the graphics is blurred? These are some of the pointers one must always keep in mind while creating infographics.

  Let's check out some vital do’s and don’ts when creating a striking infographic:


  1. Create for Users - Always create infographics for user or readers. The more attractive the graphic is most are the chances of been getting shared.
  2. Focus - Concentrate on a subject you need to convey and make sure the graphics created is up to the point.
  3. True Information - Information presented throughout the infographic should be true, well researched and obtained from trusted sources.
  4. Spellings - Spellings and Grammar must be perfect.
  5. Standard Size - Make sure infographics created is of standard width and height.
  6. Color - Choose proper color combination.
  7. Font - Use the attractive and readable font, make sure the font is same all over the graphics.


  1. Do not use too much of text.
  2. Do not convey too much of data/information
  3. Do not make the graphics look messy.
  4. Don’t publish huge and large infographics.
  5. Do not create blurred visuals, that makes it unable to view the image.

Make sure, each infographic created or when you submit infographics on the web, its attractive, appealing, perfect and effective. One of the strongest and important part of content marketing - infographics submission can be a great resource to your business.

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