IOT- How the next big thing promises to change the world

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IOT- How the next big thing promises to change the world

The world became different as Internet made its place in our lives and everything became easy and better through the power of technology. Once again the world is about to change and this time, it is Internet of Things which is responsible. 

Big Businesses and Technology giants to be on par with the change are looking up to the next big thing- the Internet of Things. Also known as IOT, the term itself raises lots of questions.

This is what the IOT is about

Internet of Things means object to object communication... 

The internet of things refers to a situation where the things( i.e. Objects) communicate with each other on their own without any human- computer interaction. This interaction happens along embedded sensors, software, network connection, and electronics which make these objects capable of both collecting as well as exchanging data.

To be simple, IOT can connect all those objects with each other which have an ‘On’ and ‘Off’ button on them. A perfect example of this situation will be your clock notifying your toaster to toast a bread for you for Breakfast.  

IOT refers to devices that initially collects information and then transmits it using the Internet. 

Internet of Things engages the Internet to connect along its components. Yes, IOT consists of components and is not an Independent technology. It has- 

1. Hardware, 2. Software,  3. Communication Infrastructure 

Every component plays a part during interaction

Each of the above 3 components of IOT plays a part when it comes to object to object interaction.

Here is what happens

Hardware installs responsiveness in Objects because objects initially do not have the capability to respond so hardware makes them capable of retrieving information and responding to it in the right manner.  

Software performs data activities, beginning from data collection to instructions. You can mention it performing a collection of data, storage, processing, manipulation, and the instruction.  

Communication infrastructure that comprises of protocols and technologies enables two or more physical objects to exchange data. 

ATMS were the first IOT objects that came into existence and today as the word has become popular we do not mind seeing a smart sensor racket. 

If IOT takes its right place, here are the ways it will change our lives

Daily activities will be a lot easier - Each one of us once in our lives has dreamt of the objects doing their work on their own, like the coffee brewing machine brewing coffee on its own. Today this thing is possible along Internet of Things and so it is not a fallacy anymore to imagine the alarm clock stuff. Not only this , be it driving to the office or an emergency activity- objects along IOT will possibly do it on their own. 

Products will turn smarter - One of the ways IOT will help business is by allowing them to create a smart product. Also known as Smart connected products it will, in turn, change the way in which we sell and use things.  

In sum, the lives will change for better along Internet of Things. Keep yourself updated for a better life and a better future.  

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