How can we teach our children good behavior?

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How can we teach our children good behavior?

Are you fed up of shouting at your kids all the time and coaxing them now and then for inappropriate behavior at home, in the mall or front of others maybe?

Indeed it is every parent's dream to expect the ''please'' and ''thank you'' from their ideal polite child.  In this context, it may be noted that manners may be easily followed by some children, while some others may find it difficult training their kids in getting accustomed to good manners which are expected by everyone.  

So, it is important to understand the basis of good manners, thereby enabling your child to inculcate them in the right way. Good manners are of course essential to the shaping of a child's behavior and personality that in turn determines what he will be as a person in future or rather what kind of a human being he will turn out to be. It cannot be denied that good manners reflect the personality of the individual.

A very important trait that kids should learn is respect. This trait rests upon both parents and teachers. Parents should teach children how to respect themselves and others including elders.  At school, teachers should discipline them in the right manner to inculcate this trait as a habit in children. Children should be taught polite words such as 'please', 'thank you', 'sorry',  at an early age of say two to three years as these are the crucial years where the child can learn things very fast.

Good behavior can be taught to children through proper motivation, counseling, and discipline.  A positive approach is much more effective than a negative one while disciplining children. For example rather than punishing the child for his impolite conduct,  educating them as to why the conduct is not right and how it can be rectified, is a better way of teaching the child the particular trait in question.

Thus, it should be kept in mind that we must inculcate a positive attitude amongst ourselves before we teach our kids how to behave.

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