Is Britain ever going to return the Kohinoor Diamond?

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Is Britain ever going to return the Kohinoor Diamond?

India was in a state of being ruled by the Britishers when they took the Kohinoor Diamond and handed over to Queen Victoria. I wonder when are they planning to give back the possession to the country from where they bought it. It can never be justified as to how they got that diamond. They claim that they haven't stolen it but it can never be denied that it is an Indian Diamond. 

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Dear Reader,  
Thank you for posting the query here. On browsing through the various details and history, we got to
know certain things about the Kohinoor diamond.  
The Indian government demanded the Kohinoor from Britain as soon as we were independent in the
year 1947. Some Indian MP's have signed letters in order to get it back by claiming that it was taken
illegally from India. There have been several statements made by Britain and India over the precious
Kohinoor. The jury is yet to be out though. India must get back its Kohinoor from Britain as it is ours.  
#1. Statements By David Cameron
David Cameron said clearly in 2013 that Kohinoor will stay in Britain. The Kohinoor diamond is currently
set in the crown of late Queen Mother and is on display in the Tower of London. People in India have
demanded the Kohinoor’s return for the atonement of the colonial past of the British.  
Cameron said that he did not want to look into the past and focus on the present and future of both the
countries which explicitly stated the neglect of the India’s proposal. The Kohinoor was seized by the
Empire’s East India Company and was given to Queen Victoria in the year 1850. It was displayed at Great
Exposition in London in 1851 when people labeled it as too simple. 

#2. Controversies Around Kohinoor
When it comes to the Kohinoor diamond, there are certain mysteries and layers which cannot known or
discovered. The history of the Kohinoor is quite skeptical. The diamond is not going to come to the
Indians anytime soon because the history makes it all the more puzzling and there is no solutions to it.
The UK do not seem to be interested in returning the diamond to India because it has retained the
ownership of the statues and the diamond  despite the persistent calls for the return by the Indian

#3. No Clear Information  
There is no certainty regarding the past of the diamond Kohinoor, and the research keep son making it
more complex. The source of the loot is not sure therefore it cannot be yanked out of the places where
they lie, say in museums. This is done so that the people can have access to it and there is no pause in
the series of research done on Kohinoor. Some people are of the opinion that the diamond Kohinoor was
gifted by India to Britain but then again there is no certain truth attached with this statement. 

The things is that UK is not going to return our Kohinoor to India. It can only happen if there is some
good proposal and offer by India. The entire deal depends on the negotiation and efforts made by both
of the countries. Else there is no possibility of India getting back the Kohinoor.  
We hope the information provided will be sufficient to clear your doubts and answer
your query. We look forward to more such interesting questions from your end.
Thanking You,
Team AskOpinion

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When the British were ruling India they had us in their grip because large part of our population was uneducated and unarmed and since they were running thing it was easier for them to tap into our resource rich country either trading what they obtained for good and money or taking it back home with them. The British obtained Kohinoor with the conquest of Punjab and took the large and one of the most admired diamonds home with them. We have accused them time and again of taking it from us but there are claims that we obtained it ourselves from someone else. This becomes tricky to track as the information we have available is inadequate and without evidence to support any particular claim but when the British ruled India a lot of countries in the world were fighting for their independence and before that time kings and emperors ruled countries. Kings and emperors had only one way of settling things – war as they were not too keen on negotiation which I think exactly what the British are, not keen on negotiation. They claim they obtained it under the terms of treaty of India and it can be easily so as laws are made to protect the interests of people who can use it as propaganda so it was just a written deed about what the British were saying. British will only return it if they strike a good bargain with our government otherwise we should not hope for Kohinoor.

Some people in India believe that Kohinoor was taken by the British and it wasn’t gifted to them. Some would like to say that they want the Kohinoor back. But do we really think that Britain would give it back to us? We know how precious Kohinoor is and its value in terms of money is over one billion dollars.
There are various theories regarding the origin of the diamond and its passing on to the British Crown. One of theories says that the Kohinoor was gifted by the Sikh ruler Ranjit Singh. According to history, the diamond was forcefully taken by Ranjit Singh from an Afghani ruler.
The Mughal emperor Shahjahan is believed to be the first king to own the Kohinoor though the real history of the diamond is unclear and is surrounded by most of the assumptions and suppositions. The diamond is claimed by India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran. We may never know who did the Kohinoor belong to but it is with the British now. The 105 carat Kohinoor diamond sits at the Tower of London and looks like the British are in no mood to return the diamond back despite India pressing for its return.

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