Is human eye the best camera there is?

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Is human eye the best camera there is?
  • The human eye is one petite creation that holds a world of its own in it. Well, whatever it sees or gazes upon, it is immediately stored in the mind. Some pics are there forever. For instance, think about the earliest time of our childhood; it would not have been captured by any digital camera but our mind will bring it in our mind’s eye once we think about it. Yeah, right. It seems that it is stored in our brains in a file titled ‘pics’, figuratively speaking.


  • The eye sees things sans any filter. It winks and sees various things it in its natural aura, which a digital camera can never do. The eye is capable of picturing umpteen vistas in a day, then think of how many pics it can see like in, say sixty years. Fascinating, ain’t it? Imagine a life where we can see only black and white. It would be devastating, don’t you think? Thus, the human eye is awesomely created and is the best camera there is.

  • My poem on the human eye goes like this

  • The eye is fast,
  • It flashes, winks and captures.
  • What you ask?
  • Myriad images that enthrall you.                                    

  • Untold, unspoken, ubiquitous
  • Pics float in your minds.
  • When you think it juts in your mind’s eye,
  • How so? Very interesting.

  • I say the eye is a camera,
  • That captures unseen dreams and graffiti,
  • Amazing what an eye can do,
  • Well, the Potter made it…

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