Threat from north Korea

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Threat from north Korea

North Korea has become a potential threat to the mankind. The autocratic government there is doing insane things and there is no force to stop that. The human rights have no meaning in this state and they have created an alarming situation where anytime they can trigger the third world war pushing the nuclear button.

Pakistan has sold the nuclear technology to North Korea and now the autocrat Kim Jong-un has the control of the buttons of this weapon. North Korea is a country where there is no conception of human rights, even for the people of the state. So forget about the rest of the world.

The US president George W.Bush , in 2002, named it the part of the axis of evil. The BBC says, in the reply, Pyongyang said that it will "mercilessly wipe out the aggressors". According to BBC, in June 2012, seven South Korean media groups were aimed by the North Korean artillery for a so-called “merciless sacred war”. Actually, the North Korea has a constant posture against the South Korea and the US.

China is a close friend of North Korea and it supports most of the evil activities of North Korea because of the political interests. And with the support of the big brother China, the horrific activities of North Korea goes on. The missile range of North Korea is very wide. Its missile Nodong can hit up to 1000 km and Taepodong-2 can hit up to 6,000km. Where Taepodong-1 can hit up to 2,200km and Musudan can hit up to 4000km. So almost the whole world is in its range.

North Korea is one of the centers of cruelty. And probably there is no one to stop it. The condition of the country is even worse. No freedom and all slavery.

There is no freedom of expression. If someone says something against the regime, it is enough for the imprisonment of the entire family of that person. They would be sent to political prison camps. In North Korea, there is just one voice and that is the voice of the regime. There is no internet in the country except for some very special people and they also are constantly monitored. No one can have a tunable radio here. No international calls are possible from this state. So actually speaking there is no right to information and it is the regime that decides what information should reach where.

In North Korea, there is no freedom to move from one part of the country to the other. If one needs to visit some other part of the country, one has to get permission from the government officials for that. And that is not easy. No one is allowed to leave the country without the permission of the regime. Numerous citizens are forcefully relocated to various parts of the country as a political persecution.

The Kim leaders have ruled the country for last 60 years. The public is forced to study their so-called contributions to the nation and praise that. This propaganda starts right from the nursery classes and continues till the university studies. The major part of the syllabus is dedicated to the history of the Kim leaders and their so called sacrifices for the sake of the benefit of the country. The media constantly works to create and propagate myths in favor of the Kim leaders. Millions of labor hours wasted in such propaganda exercises

There is food-shortage. The agriculture system is not up to the mark. The agriculture policies of the state have failed and the state is not able to purchase the needed agricultural inputs from the outside world. It is said that, as a result, since 1990, North Koreans are facing food shortage. Millions of malnourished children show the horrible reality there.

No religious freedom is accepted. And if someone practices some religion secretly, it could result in severe punishment including public execution or being sent to political prison camps. North Korea realizes that the organized practice of religions could be a potential threat to the regime and hence it is brutally crushed.

Naturally, the public health situation is very dismal there. Actually speaking, it is said that, since 1990’s, the public health institutions almost stopped to function. Only some very privileged places like Pyongyang have medical facilities. A big number of the people there cannot afford the medical facilities, whatsoever available, and most of them are suffering from the so-called poverty related diseases like tuberculosis and cataract.

North Korea has developed a strange political system for the discrimination of people. It is the songbun system.It is a system that judges someone on the basis of certain parameters, especially on the basis of the family background, and gives a level of assumed political loyalty. It is a sort of grading. There are total 51 such grades. Depending upon these grades, the life opportunities are defined in North Korea. Where one can live, what education one can avail, what occupation one can opt, if one is eligible to be a part of the military, what treatment one can avail, how the justice system would behave with someone - all depend on these grades. And any supposed wrong act by any family member would take down one’s grading.

The political prison camps are holding millions of people. Even if someone is not guilty, one would be sent to such camps only because someone related to that person supposedly did some crime. The children born in the prison camps are also prisoners as the state assumes that their “blood is guilty”.Some of the prison camps are of the size of a city. They have been for a duration around five times bigger than the Nazi camps. The prisoners are treated brutally and death is a commonplace.

North Korea gives collective punishment. If some relative of someone has done some anti-state work, the entire three generations of that person would be punished.This collective punishment is aimed to wash off the entire family and generations of that family that could probably become some threat to the regime.

In brief, North Korea is a great danger to the world and it has become a potential threat to the human race and the entire political system of the civil worlds. It is the time when the entire civil world must ponder how to handle this “axis of evil”.

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