Physical punishments by police

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Physical punishments by police
Physical punishment by police is prevalent universally. Sometimes the third- degree methods applied by the police is very pathetic and heartbreaking. Sometimes these police officers are forced to become physical and injure offenders to bring the situation under control or to extract the truth. Let's take the case of a terrorist or a neurotic on a spree of shooting as it happened at a church in France today. In such a situation the police have no option but to shoot the violent offender. However, if the person is mentally imbalanced if the police can rectify the person without hurting him physically it would be more human. As such a person need more of treatment than physical punishment.

In crimes related to theft or accidental killing before physical punishment, if the police try to find out the motive behind using methods like brain mapping or questioning, it would be more compassionate.
The phobia within each one of us that the police and the baton go hand in hand can only be eradicated only if physical punishment by the police is minimized. 
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This step is possible however it is very rare and can be implemented in developed countries. In developing countries like India(specifically north) , Pakistan and other Asian, Islamic and African countries, wherein the police mainly target the victims to avoid responsibility and become brutal to the one who seeks help, to implement the above, they need to be put to off duty and require regular counseling and if that doesn't improve their mentality, they should be thrown out of their job!

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