Is social media turning us into anti-social elements?

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Is social media turning us into anti-social elements?

Social media has emerged as a powerful tool in recent past. It is known to influence the public mood widely. Any news which is shared through social media grabs much attention.

However, lately social media websites are being used for anti-social activities. You might have seen videos posted by militants in Jammu and Kashmir on various social media sites. This they do know well that young people get attracted by such propaganda and can thus be influenced. This is one aspect of social media which has given it negative publicity and had led credentials to the thought that social media is turning people into anti-social elements.

Some recent instances of humiliating girls have also surfaced on social media sites. In one such instance, a boy is seen running away after kissing a girl. Such ease of propagating negative face of society influences some youngsters to the extent that they take up to such activities.

The need of the hour is to maintain a strict check on social media and catch up people who make inappropriate use of this platform. Social media sites have connected people across the globe and any attempt by lawless people to take advantage of this platform should be checked in its nascent stage, else things will always turn towards negative.

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