We should change with changing lifestyle

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We should change with changing lifestyle

Change is the law of nature. Nothing is static. All flux, everywhere. We humans are no exceptions. We too keep changing and this is why our race is surviving and developing. If we deny to change, we would deny to survive. Adaptation and adjustments are key strategies for being here. And our lifestyle also needs to follow the same principle.

Why to change the lifestyle

When we talk about the lifestyle, we find it changes because of various reasons.We observe many types of changes in life. With the changes in life, we witness the demand for the change in the lifestyle as well. A child lives a different lifestyle than a grownup. Rising early in the morning and getting prepared to catch the school bus, for example, are routine things in his lifestyle. But a grown up finds different things constituting his lifestyle, like rising in the morning and probably taking tea while reading the newspaper. The point is that we need to adopt changed lifestyle in due course.

What changes are good

Not all changes are good. Like in olden days, nobody used to take soft drinks in India. We took lassi, chhachh, sharbat and many other things as drinks. But when the multinational companies established their brands, the people became crazy. It is a well-known fact that such soft drinks are actually very tough for our immune system and other health issues. But taking them is in trends and now that is a part of the lifestyle. But is that good? Not at all. So it is very important to filter things and adopt only that which is safe and needed. If we have to choose between safety and fun, we must go for safety. Fun is great but not at the cost of safety and purity of any sort.

In olden days, we had no mobile phones or internet. But now we cannot imagine our life without these things. Naturally, they are inevitable and if someone does not adopt these things in his lifestyle, he is going to be just outdated.

Trends and Attitude

There are many things happening in our lifestyle that are actually just trends. We can go for them, we can leave them too. These are in fashion and if we go for those things we are supposed to be modern. That is actually in the collective mind of the masses. Like, if a girl is wearing tight dresses, she may be supposed to be modern. Well, there would be people who would not think like that, but still, the majority feels like that and hence that is in trends.

Once upon a time writing diaries was in trend. Right? But who writes that today? No time for. So basically, such trends also change our lifestyle and one cannot deny that there are certain advantages in being trendy. If a wise filter is used, one can certainly go for many such trendy things to give one’s persona a modern look and feel. And nowadays, everywhere in our workplaces and in our social circles, trendy fellows attract the majority.

And actually speaking there are many things which can be a trend in one situation and a need in another. For example, let us take Facebook. If we are interested to post on our walls at random and are there for fun, it is a fashion. But if we are there because we need to watch and read news, we need to get connected to professionals around the world, if we want to address the world with our ideas and feelings, it could be far more than a trend. In the earlier case, it could be ignored too, but in the latter case, it is going to be a serious part of one’s lifestyle.

The Style Filter

If we try to find some rules to set and opt some lifestyle, we can say that one’s lifestyle should be defined by one’s needs and socially accepted norms. Both are of equal values. It is not about balancing, rather it is about a common solution. We cannot ignore either. In one society, something may be considered to be bad while in some other society, it could be supposed to be good. Same goes for needs.If we are living in a village, our needs would be different than our needs in a metropolitan city.

The Style Mantra

Change is life and life is change. It is beyond question. And that is why the lifestyle must change with the flow of time. If we oppose such demands, we would be just outdated. How can we insist on sending an urgent mail to someone through the post office ignoring the emails today? It's like flowing water. If it keeps flowing, it is good, otherwise, its purity would suffer, it may even vanish. But even if the river flows, it never crosses its boundaries. This is the style mantra in short.

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