Mapping the difference between Inbound and Outbound Call Center Services

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Mapping the difference between Inbound and Outbound Call Center Services

The utilization and the requirement of call centers have increased exponentially in the last 2 decades. The business world has exploded with the advent of the internet and the surge of highly advanced technology that made the world a smaller place to work in. Today, if you are in the United States and think of opening or expanding business in Asia, there is absolutely no big challenges. You can operate online and start your business in foreign markets. The only concern might be the support service that you would have to provide to your new audience.

This problem can be solved directly by hiring an efficient call center for your business. Call centers are the specialized service providers that hold prowess in addressing and making calls from the customers. These vendors are hired by the organizations of all sizes depending on the latter’s requirement and the former charges the services as per usage. Call centers have their own premises that are equipped with the ultra-modern technologically-backed tools that make the service delivery smooth and uninterrupted.

Types of call centers

As a business owner, you should have a sharp knowledge of what kinds of call centers exist in the market today. Typically, two kinds of call centers are high in demand; inbound and outbound.

Enterprises avail assistance from either of these call centers depending upon their specific business requirements. The good part is the benefits of cost-effectiveness, high performance, scalability, and better brand making that come along with these call centers.

So, if you have to choose what kind of call center you want to hire, you need to check your business requirement first.

Inbound call center services

Let’s say, your business is new and now it has started growing. More products are being sold now, which means more customer dealings and even more customer inquiry and complaint related calls. Being an owner of the new business it becomes really hard to manage all this on your own. So, you think of call center outsourcing, which makes perfect sense.

But what sort of call center will suit you in this situation? An inbound call center.

As the name suggests, an inbound call center is known to manage all the incoming calls from the customers. These call centers hire proficient agents that have enough experience and domain prowess to address customer queries, complaints, and grievances professionally and effectively.

Inbound call center services include:

  1. Customer support
  2. Tech-support
  3. Order taking
  4. Helpdesk
  5. Call answering

Inbound call centers are known to act as brand advocates of businesses in the market as the formers’ agents face customers directly. These agents utilize their domain know-how to not just provide better resolutions in the shortest possible time but also increases the loyalty of customers towards your brand.

Outbound call center services

The second half of the call center service include the outbound operation. A business that is actively looking to tap some unexplored territory seeks a smart and hard-working team of callers that could reach the potential customers and inform them about the offerings of your company. It is not an easy job and requires more time and efforts.

This kind of business requirement is satiated by the outbound call centers. These specialized service providers are known to reach out to business’s customers or prospects for various purposes through calls. Some of the primary outbound call center services are:

  1. Telemarketing
  2. Lead generation
  3. Customer survey
  4. Market research
  5. Appointment setting

As per the requirement of your business, you can choose which outbound service/s you require the most. The outbound call center agents are known to master the talent of cross-selling and up-selling through their nimble approach. Lead generation agents, for example, are known to nurture the relationship with the prospects so as to convert the latter into loyal customers. The market research professional collect information from the customers and the other businesses that would help you to strategize your move in the competition.

Final Words

There are some call centers that offer you both inbound and outbound solutions. Map out what sort of objectives you are targeting for your business and then choose the correct call center accordingly.

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