Comparing Natural Products With Chemical-Based Products For Your Skin

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Comparing Natural Products With Chemical-Based Products For Your Skin

Skin care is an important aspect of beauty which must be handled with utmost caution. However, with the presence of chemical based products in the market, there is confusion among the users as to which product they must endorse for skin care- the natural one or the chemical based one?

While the question seems like a complicated choice, it is important to understand the nature of both and their long-term effects on the skin, before choosing any one from the lot.

What Are Natural Skin Care Products?

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Made from non-artificial ingredients like natural oils, plants (like seaweed, green tea), fruit extracts and fruit acids, these products effectively treat the skin and nourish them. Since the products used are rich antioxidants, they also assist in anti-ageing.


#1. They are made of some organic products such as oils and fruit extracts. Thus, they are rich in minerals which help in nurturing the skin and flushing it with necessary herbs.

#2. For people with sensitive skin, this serves as a cure. It is noted that organic products are much gentler on the skin, leading to more opting for this form of beauty care for skin.

#3. Its benefits include rich skin clarity and a more youthful complexion. It contains all the right tools that our skin requires to rejuvenate it and keep it healthy.


#1. Did you know, essential oils are volatile oils, even though they are natural ingredients? Hence, many tend to form allergies and sensitivities from the ingredient.

#2. For every natural element to become a moisturizer, it has to process scientifically to make it accessible for humans use. This is done to ensure the right dose of ingredients is being provided in the form of moisturizer to the users.

#3. The effects of natural beauty care products are slow in showing results. Since it has no advanced chemical to show speedy signs, it takes its own sweet time to nourish the skin and make it richer in nutrients.

How Are They Different From Chemical-Based Products?

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As the name suggests, these beauty products are made from chemicals and synthetics ingredients. While they promise to give faster solutions to skin care, the probabilities of leading to skin allergies, irritations and allergies are higher in this set of products.


#1. There are no products in the market that are 100% natural. Every product about skin care has a certain amount of chemicals that help in increasing the effectiveness of the product.

#2. Since the products contain preservatives and chemicals to boost their effectiveness, the results of using these products are faster and more efficient. Thus, one will notice the change in a couple of days as compared to natural products that take its time to show desired results.

#3. While natural Skin Care products use the plant, synthetic skin care products use the active principal of the plant. Hence, there is not much differentiation among the two, except for the packaging.


#1. Skin irritation, allergies, and sensitivity become a reason to worry about as the presence of preservatives in the product make it vulnerable to people with sensitive skin.

#2. Chemical based skin care products are made of toxic products that may lead to serious skin diseases like Cancer and neurological disorders. Hence, the skin surface must be exposed to them beyond permissible limits.

#3. Although there are no immediate effects on the chemicals on the skin, with time it begins to take a toll on the skin. The smooth and tight skin tends to loosen up, lead to sagging.

Natural Skin Care Products Vs Synthetic Skin Care Products: The Solution

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While the debate on the subject will go on and on till the two segments of beauty care exist, a new form of the division has arisen and has taken the beauty industry by surprise. Termed as DIY, stands for Do It Yourself, it encourages consumers to produce the beauty product that they wish to use by making it themselves. This way, a concoction of the two, natural and synthetic, can be used to benefit the skin of the user.  

DIY Skin Care

I would incline towards a DIY-Skin Care item. I adore indulging in at-home solutions for any skin related issues. They are ideal and extremely beneficial for the skin. At this point when the home-made natural remedies are on a rise, I trust that there is a burgeoning trend of DIY treatments that are embraced by many and followed since time immemorial. In the self-evident truth, my skin shows signs of improvement especially with the very aromatic DIY Fuller’s Earth Treatment. One must apply the Tumeric, Curd and Besan Treatment for a flawless glowing skin. Repeat this twice a week to see effective results and soak in glory, all at a reasonable price! 

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