Here Is What These 21 Awesome Hollywood Divas Look Without Makeup

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Here Is What These 21 Awesome Hollywood Divas Look Without Makeup

The times that we live in are surely changing. There used to be a time when our favorite celebrities were regularly pictured outside their favorite coffee houses by the paparazzi, and then there is now. Time has surely changed a lot.

As we are starting to see a revolution in the entertainment industry, many of our favorite celebrities have consistently been posting their no makeup selfies to make even the most well-dressed of person turn green in their stomach.

Add to that the rapid evolution of social media and what we have today is incredible. Many of our idols have started posting their no makeup selfies, and that has taken us fans an inch closer to then. 

We try and bring you a list of 21 celebrities who look drop dead gorgeous even without makeup. Take a look:

#1. Taylor Swift

As stunning as she looks in her music albums, she looked equally beautiful in this wake-up selfie of hers. Despite the cat, it was ultimately the pop star who stole the show.

(Image Courtesy: Instagram)

#2. Jessica Alba

Alba just launched her Honest Beauty collection of products. But she doesn't need a single drop of makeup. Her natural beauty is astonishing, as evidenced here.

(Image Courtesy: Instagram)

#3. Kourtney Kardashian

Before being a Kardashian, she is a mom of three, and it would be challenging for her to be prepped up at all the times. However, we aren’t complaining even one bit as she looks drop-dead gorgeous even without makeup.

(Image Courtesy: Instagram)

#4. Kylie Jenner

Her super-pouty selfies have been making the rounds since 2015. But when she was barefaced, she was just as fine. The star goes makeup-less often.

(Image Courtesy: Instagram)

#5. Gigi Hadid

Hadid was deservedly promoted to "supermodel" in 2015, and it's obvious why! But check her out, all snuggled in bed and without any product assistance.

(Image Courtesy: Instagram)

#6. Bella Hadid

Just like her sister, the younger sister too doesn’t need any help from beauty products. And, when you have eyes like her, you wouldn’t ever need it. Just look at those dreamy blue eyes!

(Image Courtesy: Instagram)

#7. Demi Lovato

This was one of her #FFF posts — as in "Fresh Faced Friday." Check out her freckles on full display.

(Image Courtesy: Instagram)

#8. Chrissy Teigen

Well, there are so many things to admire in this picture. The image, Teigen’s bun and her face without nay picture. These three combine to give out the perfect picture.

(Image Courtesy: Instagram)

#9. Beyoncé

You know, she probably did wake up like this. That braid, though! #Goddess.

(Image Courtesy: Instagram)

#10. Amy Schumer

No makeup but a lot of humor and apparently the glasses, because it's Amy Schumer!

(Image Courtesy: Instagram)

#11. Selena Gomez

Her no makeup selfies are hard to come across. But when you do come across one, it is just stunning.

(Image Courtesy: Instagram)

#12. Lady Gaga

She has been winning our hearts since forever. However, looking at this side of the singer just gives out so much more to her fans. All hail her brown hair, all hail her beauty!

(Image Courtesy: Instagram)

#13. Heidi Klum

She might have lit up the modeling circuit with her dazzling looks, but Klum remains as much a specimen even without her makeup on. Beauty and simplicity personified!

(Image Courtesy: Instagram)

#14. Miley Cyrus

It doesn’t matter how erratic she can get. When you have a face like hers that doesn’t need any add-on to make it look gorgeous, you are bound to have a few tantrums of your own. The singer often posts her no makeup selfies on her Instagram.

(Image Courtesy: Instagram)

#15. Cara Delevinge

There is a lot here to love. From her makeup-free pose to that Bart Simpson sweater, to that double entendre message, Delevingne slew through and through. Oh, and her brows remained rad as ever.

(Image Courtesy: Instagram)

#16. Kendall Jenner

For a moment leave everything that you’re doing and just take a look at this picture of Kendall without her makeup. Aren’t those the cutest freckles ever?

(Image Courtesy: Instagram)

#17. Gwen Stefani

It was all about the trucker hat, those nerdy specs, and no makeup for the always stunning platinum blonde singer.

(Image Courtesy: Instagram)

#18. Jennifer Lopez

Even J. Lo has ditched a full face of makeup every once in a while! What a natural beauty beneath the J. Lo glow.

(Image Courtesy: Instagram)

#19. Tyra Banks

#RawAndReal indeed! Banks showed off a selfie with no filter, no lighting, and no retouching. The caption about wanting to smooth out her dark circles, but she fought the urge just adds to the beauty of the picture. This would surely make the cut for #NoMakeupSelfie of the year.

(Image Courtesy: Instagram)

#20. Emma Roberts

We all would love to have the kind of Monday that Roberts enjoyed. The Scream Queen had a case of the Mondays. But she made that shizzy look good.

(Image Courtesy: Instagram)

#21. Rihanna

What better way to end the list with none other than Rihanna herself. No makeup pictures of the diva are so hard to come by. So hold this one close to your hearts.

(Image Courtesy: Instagram)

(Featured Image Courtesy: Pinterest)


You forgot a few names:

My fav =Jennifer Lopez...!! <3<3

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