Organic Dyes for Skin-friendly Stuff

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As more and more people are getting conscious about their health, especially skin, they prefer to use the products made from the organic materials. Like organic shampoos, soaps, creams, detergents, cleaners, dye, etc. Using organic products is not only good for our body but for our environment too. Speaking of organic dyes, these are used for a variety of purposes these days like for coloring hair, producing clothes, distempers, and much more. The use of organic dyes is the next trend emerging in the market, as it does not affect the quality of the fabric and the fabric remains soft and supple. Organic dyes work the best with natural materials like cotton, silk, wool, linen etc.

The attributes of high-quality organic dye are mentioned below

 Doesn’t tear or shrink the fabric

 Gives soft and smooth texture to the fabric

 Easy to wash and maintain

 Contemporary look

 Provides strength to the fabric and ensures a long lifespan

 Skin-friendly

 Free from harmful chemicals

 Dye penetrates easily into the fabric

 Affordable

The organic dyes are made using the day to day organic food items, as each item gives a particular color like are described below-

 Orange is derived from vegetables like carrots, orange peel, and gold lichen

 Brown can be formed from Tea, coffee, and oak barks

 Pink from fruits like cherry, strawberry, and pink rose

 The blue color comes from Indigo, purple grapes, woad, and blueberries

 Green is nature’s color, so it can be formed from mint leaves, spinach, grass

 Beetroot has immense red color in it. Apart from it, red is found in Red roses and pomegranate

 The yellow color is derived with the help of turmeric, marigold, bay leaves

There are several organic dye manufacturers, all of them should take into account the following important aspects in order to become a market leader

 The manufacture of organic dye should procure the raw materials from credible vendors of the industries and make dyes by using premium grade ingredients and sophisticated technology

 The manufacturers should be well-equipped with the state-of-the-art facilities to detect a high-quality product

 The manufacturers must be supported by experienced designers so that they can assist the manufacture according to the latest trends and style

 These business houses offer the merchandise in various captivating colors, designs, styles, and patterns, to gratify the variegated tastes and preferences of the clients

 They offer them at competitive rates in accordance with the prices prevailing in the market 

 They should be backed by a strong marketing and distribution system, to meet the requirements of geographically distributed clients.

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